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Evaluation Process for Validating Backups

Created: 26 Feb 2013 | 6 comments

Has anyone developed a standard evaluation process or a list/document that will help to insure we have valid backup data (tape or replicated) - for a specific system.

What is the criteria(s) for what qualifies as a successful test? Currently a way I validate a backup is to perform a restore of a previously selected date, what else should/could I be doing? And how? Any information or guidence is greatly appreciated. Any industry standards out here I could look up on this one?

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the other thing that you can do is verify a backup immage

bpimport from command line


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It is not a command - you simply go to the Catalog Section of the Admin Console - search for a set of backup, right click any you wish and select Verify

This mounts and reads the backups to check that there are OK

There is no real substitue for regular restore testing of all data types (file system and applications)

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I think Nagalla meant bpverify.
If you need details wrt command usage, use 'Handy NBU links' in my signature to locate links to NBU manuals and download Commands manual.

Image verification will simply compare contents of tape with catalog entries. It does not compare backed up data with client data or that all required data was indeed backed up.

The BEST possible verification of backups is exactly what you have been doing - regular restore tests.

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Marianne, you did catch me again.... :-)

its always skipping co-ordination between by brain and hands..