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Evault 10 and Exchange 2010

Created: 08 Feb 2013 • Updated: 01 Apr 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I am doing an assessment for a customer who had a different vendor install Enterprise Vault Journaling functionality. I have resolved various issues for them, and this included adding certain Best Practice settings that were missed by the engineer who installed the application.

One of them included MSMQ limits. (Queues) do not show any values. The Journal mailbox has a backlog and the count to archive is very high. SQL maintenance is a requirement already mentioned at my end for the customer to perform.

 While we are waiting for System Maintenance to be done on SQL...

Current scenario:

1) Running the Journal archive task (non-report) mode does not journal archive any item.

2) We change the task to run in "Report" mode, perform synchronization and restart services. From that point Journal Archiving works for a couple of hundred items but then stops and no longer works.


* I was planning to reinstall MSMQ while  waiting for SQL maintenance but does anyone have any other suggestions?



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So, the archiving task doesn't have anything to do with journaling (normally).

That would be the journal task.

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Thanks Rob! That was a typo...the "post" is referring to "Journal Archiving" only. I missed adding "Journal" in the text but will edit the original post.

This issue has been RESOLVED at our end. The Journal mailbox had so many items in the mailbox that it could not reflect that items were being archived immediately.

Thanks again,


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That was a typo at my end. This article should only pertain to "Journal" Archiving.

This issue has been RESOLVED at our end. Please disregard.

The mailbox had a large backlog of messages and needed the weekend to recover. The mailbox was so large that it could not reflect updates immediately, or we would only see immediate updates when restarting the task in Report mode due to its size.

Hope this helps!