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EVault 10 / OWA Exchange 2010 / no access to Vault

Created: 05 Sep 2013 | 4 comments
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i have trobule with OWA on an installation. Enterprise Vault 10.4 / Exchange 2010 CAS / DAG.
Install an Config Guide complet. OWA User, Script etc...

Customer use Form Based Authenication. After Login in OWA an Open an Archiv Mail, i became an

" no access to this vault" Normaly EV must ask me for Username an Password to open Mail or Archiv Explroer but it doesn't
It looks that OWA take the local User Logindata on the PC an give this to EVault.

Any Idea why OWA do not ask for Passwort ? Normaly with Formed Based Auth i must confirm one time after login to OWA my Username and Password.

Thanks for Help.

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Opening mail shouldn't ask you for a username/password because it connects to the EV Server's EVAnon virtual directory and determines the user based on the HTTP Headers when it connects

Archive Explorer or Search should ask for a username/password though

So when you ran OWAUser.wsf on the EV Server, did you run that on each EV server, and synchronize the mailboxes and restart the Enterprise Vault Admin Service on each server after it had been run?

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Is there a Threat Management Gateway 2010 between you and EV?

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Opening archived items does not depend on what sort of authentication you have on exchange OWA. If you are able to see EV toolbar (Or ribben with Archive explorer/search or archive/restore option with emails) then CAS side configuration is correct.

While double clicking on shortcut it should open complete email, May be you items were not retriving and showing yellow banner stating "this item is archive....) & In past when you used to click on banner, it might have ask you user credential as it make viewmessage.asp request directly to EV server (if accessible).

Clicking on AE or search would only prompt for credential for E2K7, E2K10.

You should check if EV anon IIS VD is created on EV server and connecting CAS IP is in allowed list.

If not configure then please do that by following the steps mentioned in TN

If still does not work then take OWA log by putting following lines in web.config file of CAS server

<add key="EnterpriseVault_LogEnabled" value="true"/>
<add key="EnterpriseVault_LogFolder" value="C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\OWA 2010\logs\"/>
<add key="EnterpriseVault_LogMailboxes" value="mailbox@mydomain.local"/>

I would also suggest you to check if Restore functionality working for affected user with outlook client.

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Hello, thanks for answer. i check it tommorrow on customer system. The OWAUser.wsf etc. i have run an restart Service with Sync.
@ EV-Conselor: The Ribbon bar etc. is ok and i see it. Mails also with the banner. At the Moment he bring mie up an Error PAge "No Access to this Vault" When i click on banner.

i check the virtual Folder when i came back tomorrow to customer.