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Evault Mail missing issue

Created: 28 Feb 2013 | 2 comments

Hi there,

We have an exchange mailbox "~ HR confidential" which has mail being moved into it from another mailbox "~ Technology Support", this mailbox used to be called "~ Business Services" in exchage. The mail that is in "~ HR confidential" doesn't seem to be archiving into it's own archive store and seems to be going into the "~ Technology Support" archive store which in Evault is called "~ Business Services".

The problem that we are now experiencing is that Wendy is looking for some mail in a folder back from August which seems to have disappeared. This was under the folder Absence 2012 - Completed RTWs in "~ HR Confidential", everything back from December no longer shows in the Evault explorer.

Is there any way that we can get the mail to start archiving to the correct Archive, also is there any way to recover the lost/missing mail item/s?

Thanks for any help on this


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I believe you have a rule configured to move emails from Tech MBX to HR MBX. If thats the case, and Tech MBX has been enabled for archiving, EV might have archived emails from Tech MBX before the rule has moved them to HR MBX. Based on this assumption, rule might have moved Shortcuts and not the original emails. As they were archived Tech MBX, EV will store them to "Business Services" archive which is linked to Tech MBX.

You can confirm this by checking the shortcut properties, select affected Shortcut and hold Shift+Ctrl key and click on any tool bar EV button. IN pop window, select Vault Info >> scroll down to see "Selected Items properties" section which will display Archive ID associated with that shortcut. Note down Archive ID found.

From EV Server, open Admin console, hold Shift+Ctrl and right click on "Archives" and select find folders and archives kind of setting. Paste the Archive ID and know the name of the archive.

If all the emails from Tech MBX are moved to HR MBX then its better to disable the archiving for Tech MBX.

If users are manually archiving emails from HR MBX and they have permissions on Tech MBX/Archive then they can get prompt to store items in any of the archives.

I hope this helps....let me know if you need any further clarification

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