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Evault shortcuts in OWA

Created: 29 Nov 2013 • Updated: 25 Feb 2014 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.
I have been for quite a while with Symantec's support on this issue and the provided solution of reinstall is not something that I'm ready to do at this point.
My issue evolves around allowing access to archived content through OWA (Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013). The Exchange OWA part works great. Access to both Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2007 correctly configured and properly working without ANY issues. When navigating to the page can login and depends where his mailbox is located being redirected to Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2010.
The problem at this point is the situation when a user trying to open an archived document through OWA. (It's only OWA at this time as Outlook Anywhere is not being used). When user clicks on the link, an new IE window opens up, however it's pointing to the INTERAL name of the vault server. Please note, the vault is properly published to the internet, at least as much as I can tell. It's accessible over from the Internet and as well as from the internal network.
So to elaborate, when user from OUTSIDE (on the internet) the organization, clicks on "View the original item" while logged into OWA, on both Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 OWA pages - he get a new IE window that points to the link such as:
Instead of (I assume)
I have validated that in the "Default Exchange Desktop Policy" all the settings are pointing to the EXTERNAL DNS name of the vault, which is
Is there anything else I need validate in order to resolve this issue?
I prefer working on Exchange 2013 as it's not fully production now and I'm pretty much can do with the server anything I wish.
Thank you.
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Are you talking about the link in the banner of a shortcut?  Any chance you could post a screenshot?

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It's actually described here:

"Issue 1" is what I have.

Please see attached screenshot. Link Translation rule as suggested in the article doesn't work.

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That is what I thought.  As JW3 said in the referenced post, that is expected.  You can try to train users to open the actual message instead of clicking the link or try and get link translation working.

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right, however is there anyway to replace the link?

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Do you want to remove the Link or change the URL?

You could possibly use this TN:

How to modify shortcut content without restoring archived items - RestoreShortcutBody

Article:TECH47364  |  Created: 2006-01-09  |  Updated: 2013-03-06  |  Article URL
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Thank you for the link. One question, how the system knows to replace the internal fqdn with the external one? I don't see any option of replacing the name in the article.

I just ran the process on the test user, the link still points to the internal FQDN.


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You will need to change the DNS alias.

How to change the DNS alias of the Enterprise Vault server

Article:TECH179428  |  Created: 2012-01-20  |  Updated: 2012-08-16  |  Article URL