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evault v10 sp1 reporting issue

Created: 12 Apr 2012 • Updated: 01 May 2012 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


i noticed that when i try to run a report on the ev server it fails, i can see the query at the bottom of the screen but it list the old ev server name (uk-kvs, instead of the new server name uk-evault)

uk-evault replaced uk-kvs about 2 years ago.

this is the report i try to run

for instance from the ev administration console

  • Single Instance Storage Reduction per Vault Store Group

  • Single Instance Storage Reduction by File Type

would anyone know how to change the uk-kvs to the uk-evault server name so the report query can run properly?

when i manually enter the correct server name in the browser (IE9) the list of reports you can run comes up but not all of the reports run properly

i can run all reports except for these 3

Archive Quota Usage
Archived Items Access
Archived Items Access Trends
i get this error
An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
Query execution failed for dataset 'AuditSiteIDDataSet'. (rsErrorExecutingCommand)
The following error has occured while processing the report. Failed to retrieve data from database 
any pointers would be hugely appreciated
many thanks

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JesusWept3's picture

Is the old server name coming up the site alias per chance?

I would simply just add uk-kvs to my hosts file

Percy Vere's picture

You can re-run the reporting configuration wizard from the servers start menu or you can edit the directory database 'ReportServerURLSettings table. I think that should do it :-)

elbutre's picture

re-running configuration wizard did not do the trick

the host file (well i created a static dns entry on dns server) did do the trick but now the page comes up but  the dropdown list for the vault store group name is blank and can't run the report but at least the page comes up

i might have a good at the reportserverurlsettings table instead :-)

and once that is done maybe put a call in with EV support to get the non working reports working

elbutre's picture

have now learned that you first need to enable these reports before you can run them

Archived Items Access
Archived Items Access Trends
did have to rerun the configuration wizzard once more as for some reason the reportinguser password had changed and i had a login error
and this is now working fine
with regards to changing reportserverurl settings how bad or dangerous would it be to delete row no1
this is the output from a sql query

select * from dbo.ReportServerURLSettings

1 1 http://uk-kvs/reportserver
2 1 http://UK-EVAULT:80/ReportServer
the first entry is the name of the old ev server which was removed 2 years ago, the uk-evault one is the current ev 10 sp1 server
many thanks