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Event 2243 - "cannot list messages"

Created: 04 Dec 2009 • Updated: 14 Feb 2013 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

 ev 2007 sp4 - exch 2k3 sp2

I have a particular mailbox that is posting this event error in the EV log every night. According to Doc 286607, it could be an "illegal character". I did a DTrace of a Run Now-->Report and it finished successfully  and displayed output. I was hoping for the -x800B0001 error referred to in the doc.

Just curious if anyone else has run across this type of error. (searching here didn't find anything). The mailbox in question has many many "oddly named" folders (beginning with "@", ".", etc).

Should I just do a run now-->normal and trace that?

Thanks for any insight.

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Wayne Humphrey's picture


Please attach a copy of the dtrace to your post one you have done a run now ;)

If there is funky folders which you will find in the trace delete them then try again.

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 Just did it. Ran against 1000 items. Generated a 50mb trace.

Archive task finished. I freaking forgot to note the number of vault items in his archive before starting.  Dummy!

I ended up getting event 2243 four times during this processing pass. 

So, you know what I'm going to do now...I'm gonna dig into the trace first...and then post it if I can't get anywhere.

I guess this proves that the report and the "normal" don't necessarily work the same way...

I'll be back.

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 Well, what do you know? Found 9 instances of the 0x800B0001 error line:


Can you guess which folder name MIGHT have the questionable characters????    ;-)

Thanks for the push to run a normal trace.

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I am about to delete them...the #$@#!% result of a user clicking OK to the RSS pop-up during first Outlook run!! THOUSANDS of messages in folders that they don't even realize! And, this user also is using Entourage so there's no telling what they're putting the mailbox through! 

Anyway...let me put the folder(s) in file-13 and re-archive 1000 items (reporting shows 5400 ready) and see if it gets through it cleanly.

I'll update momentariously...

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I removed the ones reported above, and still get I'm running against all records and will see what others are being detected.

I've verified that NO items are added to his vault when I run a manual archive.

More to come. 

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Once I deleted the folders in question (there were a couple of others) and then deleted them from Deleted Items folder...archiving is playing nice again. The key in my case was the Doc# 286607 example. I searched in the trace output for "GFSFMO - Using folder pathname" and sure enough, the bad ones magically appeared.

I still think Entourage caused it...but, he's a technology "tweaker"...

Enough already.