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Event ID: 2216 Message dispenser will suspend processing for 10 minutes due to a recoverable error

Created: 22 Mar 2013 • Updated: 05 May 2013 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Unfortunately, this problem started when the Exchange team moved one of Enterprise Vault (EV) System Mailbox for a specific Exchange Server to another ,and also when moved  some of users that mailboxes was enabled for archiving previously from  Exchange Server to another

Based on both scenario ,We notice that Archiving option seems to work extremely slow for the users that moved to that Exchange server and these two events are appearing on Event viewer logs

So based on tech note that founded on Symantec website about the problem ,to resolve this problem is moving the EV system mailboxes back to the original Exchange Server ,but after return back to same server and the changes happen ,we still faced up same problem.

Besides, there are another discussion that founded , it advice to delete and re-create archive tasks to resolve the issue, so before doing that  I want to ask  if there are any impact for that and if anybody can advice or help us to resolve this problem, We appreciate the support.

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What version of EV and Exchange? You are suppoosed to have one EV system mailbox per exchange server and one Archiving task for each Exchange Server that you are archiving from. What was the reason for moving EV system mailbox from one Exchange server to another?

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Deleting and re-creating the tasks should have no impact, infact it may cause more issues as items pending backup might not be processed correctly.

I assume you've allowed time for changes to propogate through AD and Exchange and that the EV Exchange provisioning task has run since?

If so another solution would be to create a new system mailbox on the server and point the existing task at this.  This will be less disruptive than deleting/recreating the task.



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Karl, I thought the item backup/task dependency was removed in ev8+?

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I'm wasn't aware of it being addressed.  I just ran a quick test which shows this is still an issue.