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Event ID 2270

Created: 19 Jun 2013 | 5 comments

Thanks for helping with this issue, I thought I did this once before but now when I did it I was successful.  I also have another issue with synchronization of all mailboxes and received Event viewer Event ID 2270 A queued operation exceeded the retry count and has been discarded.  Any Ideas?

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Are you getting any other events before or after you receive the Event ID 2270?

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Event 2270 is generic event which would be triggered after original event. It would be anything like quota exceeded for the mailbox etc

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Yes! quota exceeded for the mailbox.  I occasionally run into this issue with a user who's mailbox has exceeded the quota, they call our help desk and they tell them about Enterprise Vault.  The user then goes to the top of our list to migrate them to Enterprise Vault.  I process the Inbox and then start on PST Migration I will be able to migrate some of the PST files and then I start getting the quota exceeded errors.  I have changed the quota on the mailbox on the exchange server and try again, still no luck.  The EV server doesn't pick up the changed quota on the mailbox.  I think I delted the mailbox on EV then tried to re-enable, the re-enable didn't work until I closed VAC.  This process took me too much time.  What would be the best sequence of actions to take the next time this happens?

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Be advised that changing quota on a mailbox might take a while (I've seen 4 hours here).

What you are describing is importing a PST and creating shortcuts in the mailbox. Shortcuts take space too. When the quota setting is replicated, you first need to sync the mailbox, then try the import again.

You can check as follows:

change quota, wait hour. try to sync the mailbox (via the archviing tasks, select single mailbox). When syncing fails, you will see event indicating mbx over quota. Wait again, try later. when sync is succesfull, go to the sync mailbox screen, search the user, then doubleclick on the user. That will  show the quota settings...

then import.

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Thanks so much!  The next one I have to do I will try this, I really appreciate your help.