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EVENT ID 40966, (401) Unauthorized from CELERRA

Created: 03 Mar 2010
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Hi Forum, 

# EVENT ID 40966, (401) Unauthorized from CELERRA

# We have a problem after upgrading Enterprise Vault from 8.02 to 8.03
# Config: 1 EV server, windows 2003 SP2 with Fileplaceholder service, Target: CELERRA, Storage: EMC Centerra
# Problem/description: We’re Unable to add new targets with a policy containing a ‘placeholder’ (not url),
we are actually able to add targets with policies containing just an URL and not the placeholder.
we Need to be using Checkpoint file, and we need to be able to create placeholders on the CELERRA unit!
The Deployment scanner runs fine, and we have full admin rights and read/write to shares on CELERRA!

# We've been through these articles without any luck:




Event Type: Error
Event Source: Enterprise Vault
Event Category: File System Archiving Task
Event ID: 40966
Date: 3/3/2010
Time: 1:39:54 PM
User: N/A
Computer: B27CLFW009
A program fault has raised an exception.

Exception: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.
Type: System.Net.WebException

Command Line: "C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\EvFsaArchivingTask.exe" -URL:tcp:// -CUSTOM:1AFADF31C44D33744AB24A5733BCB6E461012f00evtestsite.mydomain.local|False|
Application Domain: EvFsaArchivingTask.exe
Process Id: 1384
Thread Id: 4708
Stack Trace: at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
at KVS.EnterpriseVault.FileServerArchive.EMCCelerra.PlaceHolder.GetWebResponseStream(String content)
at KVS.EnterpriseVault.FileServerArchive.EMCCelerra.PlaceHolder.GetResponseStatus(String content, CelerraResponse& celResp)
at KVS.EnterpriseVault.FileServerArchive.EMCCelerra.PlaceHolder.DetectFileMover()

For more information, see Help and Support Center at


87 13:24:50.115 [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV-L {PlaceHolder.GetWebResponseStream} HTTP Request: <?dhsm?> <DHSM_GET_API_ATTRS/>
88 13:24:50.225  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV~E |Event ID: 40966 A program fault has raised an exception.|Exception: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.|Diagnostic: |Type: System.Net.WebException|Reference: |Command Line: "C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\EvFsaArchivingTask.exe" -URL:tcp:// -CUSTOM:1AFADF31C44D33744AB24A5733BCB6E461012f00evtestsite.mydomain.local|False| |Application Domain: EvFsaArchivingTask.exe|Process Id: 6104|Thread Id: 4196|Stack Trace:    at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()|   at KVS.EnterpriseVault.FileServerArchive.EMCCelerra.PlaceHolder.GetWebResponseStream(String content)|   at KVS.EnterpriseVault.FileServerArchive.EMCCelerra.PlaceHolder.GetResponseStatus(String content, CelerraResponse& celResp)|   at KVS.EnterpriseVault.FileServerArchive.EMCCelerra.PlaceHolder.DetectFileMover()
89 13:24:50.225  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV-M {PlaceHolder.DetectFileMover} Failed to determine if HTTP connection is supported on Celerra. Error occured while getting the reponse for DHSM_GET_API_ATTRS request
90 13:24:50.225  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV-H {EMCCelerraVolume..ctor} FileMover functionality is not available for EMC Celerra share:celerrabox.mydomain.local/archivetest
91 13:24:50.240  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV-L {FileSystemTaskInfo.GetFileServer} File Server DNS Name:celerrabox.mydomain.local
92 13:24:50.240  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV-L {FileShareResolver.EnumShareS} Enumerating file shares for file server 'celerrabox.mydomain.local' using NetShareEnum API.
93 13:24:50.287  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV-L {FileShareResolver.EnumShareS} Found [574] file shares for file server 'celerrabox.mydomain.local'
94 13:24:50.287  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV-L {FileShareResolver.Initialise} Adding file share information for file server 'celerrabox.mydomain.local' to file share cache. FileServerID: [12ECC1069D7040A488B0A405A6DD3E9C11z10000evtestsite.mydomain.local]
96 13:24:50.287  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV:M CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Entry [m_nNumTries = 40]
97 13:24:50.303  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Successfully communicated with an EV Directory Service on the local machine
98 13:24:50.303  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV-L {Policies.GetVolumePolicy} Policy 18D91413352E62F4591E131D5D60B300E1s10000evtestsite.mydomain.local is retuned from cache for volume:[15490EE72AC5C404297EFA4C164825A211011000evtestsite.mydomain.local]
100 13:24:50.303  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV:M CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Entry [m_nNumTries = 40]
101 13:24:50.319  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Successfully communicated with an EV Directory Service on the local machine
102 13:24:50.319  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV-L {PlaceHolder..ctor} CelerraUri: http://celerrabox.mydomain.local:5080/dhsm
104 13:24:50.319  [6104] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <4196> EV:M

Hope someone has something to contribute with, this is really annoying!