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Event Query wildcards

Created: 29 Aug 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments
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Does anyone know if wildcards characters can be used in Event Query Wizard in SSIM 4.5 and/or SSIM 4.6?
I am trying to create a simple report based on "Top 10 Machines with Virus Infection" but I want to display only hosts which matches following template: DCK*

So far I have not been able to get this to work.
When I create a correlation rule in event criteria "matches" and "doesn't match" operators are available, but those operators aren't allowed in Query wizard.
Is it possible to change this?


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I have the same issue. Have y ou found a way to bypass the issue yet?


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I just received a possible solution from a Symantec employee:

For every created conclusion, the SSIM generates an event with Event Type ID "Conclusion Created" (Vendor Signature: 153003, Product: Symantec Security Information Manager). Those events include the triggered correlation rule and the conclusion description. You could then use the correlation rules for the matching part and extract the information from the resulting "Conclusion Created" event.

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Yes, it is some kind of workaround but based on assumption that query will be executed against events previously matched by at least one correlation rule.

So, honestly, is not very useful and I'm still waiting for possibility to use regexp in event queries criteria.