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Event Relay for Remedy HelpDesk

Created: 27 Jun 2007 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 3 comments
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I would like to ask about product called Symantec Relay for Remedy HelpDesk.
Currently it's integrated with SSIM appliance but documentation for it is a little bit old. An Integration Guide (from instllation CD) and also an Introduction document which is available on Symantec's website were released in 2004 and help files for SSIM 4.5 contain more information about installation and configuration on SSIM 4.0.

I am wondering whether Symantec is planning to release new version of Event Relay for Remedy HelpDesk? Maybe in next SSIM release?

Is this helpdesk adapter fully compatible with SSIM 4.5 (including service pack and all hotfixes)?
I'm testing this relay right now and I have problems with bi-directional communication between SSIM and Remedy Server. So far, I can create Remedy Ticket but there is no synchronization between both servers. When I update content of the ticket on Remedy Server, SSIM receives events which inform about these updates but content of the SSIM's ticket remains unchanged. Ticket changes on SSIM side also aren't propagated to the Remedy Server.

Maybe someone has similar problem and/or can suggest solution or workaround for that issue.


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We are currently working on a new integartion with Remedy.  The Relay can be made to work with SSIM 4.5 but I would highly recommend waiting for the new integration.  It uses the new Webservices framework which is much better designed for integration with 3rd party products.  We hope to have this available towards the end of this month.

There will be new documentation reflecting the new architecture.


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Well, current Relay works with SSIM 4.5 but I have problems with getting full functionality of it.
Thank you for info about the new release of integration tools for Remedy, you're right that newly developed Relay will be more appropriate to implement than the old one so I'm looking forward to test it :)


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Fergal, I have another question about Remedy Relay, this time I would like to ask about the new currently developed tool - could you tell me what BMC Remedy components will be supported by this new Relay? Is the new integration tool can be used also for BMC Remedy Service Desk 7.0 and AR System 7.0?