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Every few days one of the jobs will start but not finish

Created: 26 Feb 2013 | 7 comments

Every few days one of the jobs will start but not finish, but I believe it has finished. I then have to cancel the job, then it goes into cancel pending state and then I have to restart the services or reboot the whole server. Has anyone seen this before, what is causing this? Always the same servers are affected, but intermittant only happens every few days.

I run the backups every day though.

Running backup exec 12.5



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When the jobs do not finish, did you check whether there are some outstanding alerts that need to be responded to?

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Cheers, I just read that somewhere else. I just cancelled the job,but i'll check next time that happens.

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From Tools - Options - Preferences, choose the option to automatically display new alerts...this way, the alerts are generated automatically & you would'nt need to view the Alerts tab.

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So I have accepted the alerts but it still doesn't finish?

Any more ideas?



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What are the alerts which are generated by the job?  In addition to responding to them, some alerts needs a physical action like replacing a tape.

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I don't think I have to do anything.

here the alerts from the last coupole of hours

4/03/2013 7:00:04 p.m.
the job has started

5/03/2013 4:00:00 a.m.
Maintenance of application databases on server SERVER11\BkupExec has started.

5/03/2013 4:00:02 a.m.
Summary of database maintenance activity:

* Saved contents of BEDB database
* Deleted expired data for BEDB database:
     0 expired audit logs were deleted
     0 expired reports were deleted
     2 expired job histories were deleted
     2 expired alert histories were deleted
     1 expired job logs were deleted

Total elapsed time: 00:00:02

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Go to Tools ---> Alert Categories and check whether there is an auto-response set for the media insert alert.  If there is, remove it.

Following this, if there are any media insert alert, respond to it and then insert an overwritable tape.