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Every year we get ignored by Symantec. MAC PGP USERS NOT HAPPY.

Created: 05 Dec 2013 | 11 comments

A new OS and we get the same dance from this tired dance partner, and the same things happens each year since Symantec got PGP.  I read through the threads last night to find that quite a few end users are now complaining and some of them are angry.


Symantec's stewardship of this product has been abysmal.  They make excuses and when people like me compain, they threaten me.  That's right, they threaten me.  This is a community forum.  The community is the end users but how dare anyone say anything bad about Symantec.  How dare you.

And don't question their wonderful representatives here, you will get private messages that border on nasty.  I have the proof.  Right Ben?

No, just sit back and shut up all of you, take it.  Take the bad faith, take the delays, take the bugs.  Take it all.

Don't you dare, any one of you, complain.

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Swathi Turlapaty's picture

Hello Howard, I totally understand your frustration and would be more than happy to assist you in the right direction. Can you please point out any specific issues you are facing with the product? That way, I can bring a TSE into the converastion and we can work towards a solution.

Shiff's picture

He is probably upset about how long it takes for Symantec to put out a version compatible with the most current OS version.  Telling us that this takes development time blah blah blah does not cut it anymore. Other vendors can do it, Symantec chooses not to.  This happens every single year.

It does not impact me as this was the first time I did not renew my PGP support contract in many years. Filevault + GPG work flawlessly for me.  For a user on their personal machines take a look at those two options.  It really is nice to be able to upgrade when I want to and not have to wait for Symantec to get on the ball.

pistonpilot's picture

Do not trust Filevault.  My Mac OS was starting to get flaky - it had been several years old and when from 10.5 to 10.7 over several machines.  Each time I use FileVault it is disastrous.  

I decided to load Mavericks clean on my iMac.  I used whole disk encryption supplied by FileVault.

That was three weeks ago.  Yesterday my Mac reboot spontaneously rebooted.  When it came up, it forgot passwords for other encrypted drives in the KeyChain.  My directories were damaged.

I tried to run DiskUtil from another drive to fix it, but it wouldn't work.  I couldn't boot now from the drive.

FileVault is crap.  PGP is good.  But PGP wouldn't run on Mavericks because Symantec doesn't care.  

If you use FileVault you best have your backups squared up.

I'm restoring my drive now.  Days worth of work down the crapper.

I will never use FV again.  I learned my lesson.  I have never had a drive corrupted by PGP.  I always install it on a secondary external drive so I can boot from it to run DiskUtil.  

I had to blow away my iMac internal drive and I put Mountain Lion and 10.3.1.  

PGP works.  It was a great product before Symantec got it,   Symantec treats it like the <edited> child no one wants.  

There are no other alternatives to PGP.  

Shiff's picture

I have had no problems with File Vault over 7 machines.  I have had some of them on it for 2+ years.  I am sorry you have had issues.

I will never go back to PGP.

pistonpilot's picture

PGP as a product is rock solid.  FileVault is not.  Symantec does not take PGP seriously.  Let's be careful to place blame on Symantec not PGP.

Shiff's picture

I respect your opinion but disagree.  Filevault has been rock solid for me so it is not fair to make the statement that it is not.  It may not have been stable for you and that is a fair way to put it.

PGP is Symantec and Symantec is PGP.  I do not separate the two any longer.

pistonpilot's picture

I'm not a normal user.  I'm more than a power user.  I stretch the limits of these computers.  FileVault just does not cut it.  I have had at least 6 incidents with FV over several machines.  From what I've seen, PGP does a much better job of containing the damage from a non-shutdown reboot.

My professional opinion.

Swathi Turlapaty's picture

Thank you all for your genuine thoughts. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Please PM me your contact info and I'll  reach out to you offline to get more feedback and thoughts.

Anthony_Betow's picture

Hello Mac Community,

Here at Symantec, we do hear your concerns and we do address the issues that you are having with the quickest resolution as possible.

Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.1 MP1 was released yesterday and is now compatible with Mac 10.9 OSX (Mavericks)

Here are the release notes:

If you have any questions or concerns then please feel free to private message me and I will contact you.

Thank You


derolph's picture


Where is the download link for 10.3.1 MP1?  All that I could see under my account are 10.2.X versions.

Thank you much,


Anthony_Betow's picture

Hi Dan,

You'll have to have your account upgraded with customer care.

Here is the link to customer care phone number: