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EVOM on an EV MCS cluster

Created: 08 Jan 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 5 comments
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Anyone have any experience setting up EVOM in a MCS cluster environment?  What I want to do is install EVOM on one of the cluster nodes.  The DB creation was successful, but when trying to run the configuration utility, I get the message that EVOM must be installed on a configured EV server.  I assume this is because the EV services aren't shown as active on the node in the services console because they are managed by the cluster services.
I know there is a manual process to setup the EVOM web site, but I have tried previously without success to set it up manually.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I, too have this problem (EV 2007 SP2). I've installed EV and EVOM on a 6+2 MSCS cluster and have configured all 6 of the primary and both of the failover nodes. EV itself runs great (I've created a provisioning task, a MB archiving task for an Exchange server, run the provisioning task, etc). The Vault Admin Console runs great and shows me what I expect to see.
But when I run the EVOM configuration utility I get: "This server has not been configured. Please run the EV configuration wizard before configuring EVOM".  When I then rerun the EV configuration utility I get "This server has already been configured", as I would expect.
Any help?
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Sorry for not updating this earlier, but I have been able to set up EVOM on a cluster node using  this KB doc:
and following the steps starting on page 7 under "Configuring Operations Monitor Manually".
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Excellent! Thank  you. I had read in other posts not directly related to this to not believe the "configure by hand" instructions. But your problem is exactly like mine, and if that worked for you I'm betting it will for me too.
Thank you!
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Thanks for the pointer to the KB doc - it's a little tedious but it worked for me. :-)
I have a question for you about one specific step - entering the site address into the SQL Server database. What URL did you add - one for the physical node name, or one for the logical (virtual) server name as known to the cluster? The reason I ask is that the physical doesn't make sense to me (it could be down, and it's generally not a published name anyhow), but if it's the virtual name wouldn't we need to do that manual EVOM configuration process on every node, to allow for failover?
As a follow-up to that, it would seem to me that the MonitoringSettings table in the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database would need to have more rows added to it (mine had one row). It seems like we would need one row for each of the nodes in the cluster.
What are your thoughts on this?
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To wrap this up based on my experiences today and my discussions with support:
* The manual configuration process needs to be run on any physical node that is a possible owner of the virtual EV server where you want EVOM to run. If you're running an N+M any-to-any as I am, then installing EVOM on one node means that you have to do the manual config on all of the physical nodes since the virtual EV server can fail over to any of them
* The SQL Server table MonitoringSettings: the primary key to that table is the SiteID so there can only be one row per site.The SiteAddress column should be set to the URL of an EV virtual server. This data is a little loosey-goosey; in the case where you can automatically configure EVOM, and where you want EVOM on multiple EV servers, what happens is that every time you configure EVOM on an EV server it just overwrites the SiteAddress column with the most recently defined EVOM server. So in manual configuration you just need to do the SQL Server editing once, and all the other step N times.