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ev.owa bad request

Created: 08 Jun 2012 | 3 comments

thanks for the time.  just wanted to pass this by the experts.  

we are implementing exchange 2010 and are currently running 2007.  owa extensions are version 2003 on the 2007 cas servers. no owa extensions placed on the 2010 cas boxes.  in order to get EV ready for 2010 a couple things were required outlook 2007 on all EV servers and 2 powershell scripts setting permissions and disable throttling. I did the powershell scripts on the 2010 cas servers and it went through fine.  I did not install any owa extensions.

while doing some work on the Exchange 2010 cas servers the EWS configs were changed and an iisreset was done.  after that webmail failed.  started to get a bad request error when trying to login to webmail. and then pointing to an ev.owa url  the question I have is where did this url come from? is the Exchange 2010 cas box proxying to the Exchange 2007 box which has the 2003 owa extensions installed?

from this article:  it shows where the footprints of ev.owa is on the http handler.  but im not clear on what that means.

and on the EV server IIS is running and anonymous access is already set.

any insight and thoughts will be much appreciated.  

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You said while trying to login to OWA you are getting error, may i know where the mail box is? Is the mailbox in Exchange 2007? If yes what is happening when you try opening a mailbox which is there in Exchange 2010.

In addition please use EVORT and see what it says,

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when you login to a mailbox on exchange 2010 webmail works fine.  its just gettin to mailboxes on exchange 2007.

the Exchange 2010 cas servers passed the evort tests.  Exchange 2007 failed with failed virtual directory error or a wmi error.

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ev.owa is not an Enterprise Vault request, it is internal to OWA. It sounds like the changes you made to EWS have broken OWA.

If you are trying to access an E2007 mailbox through an E2010 CAS, then the E2010 CAS proxies the request to an E2007 CAS to do the work.

Now, if you are accessing Enterprise Vault enabled mailboxes this way, then you will need to copy the EnterpriseVault folder from the the E2007 CAS to the same location on the E2010 CAS. This is typically located in program files/microsoft/exchange/clientaccess/owa

This allows the client to get the Enterprise Vault scripts and icons from the E2010 CAS since requests for those will not be proxied.