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EVPM - Index Volume Locations

Created: 29 May 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments
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Does anyone know if EVPM can be used to modify an archive's index volume location?

I would like to modify the index volume locations of a group of archives en masse.  We are using EV 2007 which has the ability to modify the index location of a single archive through the vault console but that's too tedious for what I have in mind.

Thank you.

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Sorry, No EVPM can not do that.

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Using the vault console just updates the pointer in SQL to the new index location. You could do this yourself (unsupported) via SQL "en masse". In order to avoid having to rebuild the indexes for the group of archives you would still need to manually copy them to the new location.

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Figured as much.  I thought perhaps that EVPM might have undocumented key values that I could use to move the indexes.

The SQL route was going to be Plan B.  I do plan to coordinate the SQL modification with a physical move of the index directories.

Thanks for the assistance.

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one word of caution is to make sure you grab a SQL backup before you make your change.  :)