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EVPM question - creating a folder for auto archiving

Created: 15 May 2006 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments

Thanks to info I've found in these forums and in the documentation, I was able to make a script to automatically archive items in a particular folder after 0 days, unfortunately, simply creating the script was the easy part, getting it to work is where I'm having a problem.

The results of the EVPM command indicated that the mailbox has been processed and an AutoArchive folder has been successfully created at the root of the user's mailbox. Then we add messages and subfolders with messages to the AutoArchive folder; running the EVPM command again does not archive any of the messages.

; Script to automatically archive items in AutoArchive folder
;Start Script

DirectoryComputerName = ***
SiteName = ***

Name = AutoArchiveFilter
CreateShortcut = true
DeleteOriginal = true
UnreadMail = true
UseInactivityPeriod = true
InactivityUnits = days
InactivityPeriod = 0

LDAPquery = mailNickname= ***

Name = \AutoArchive
NonDeletable = True
FilterName = AutoArchiveFilter
OverrideArchiveLocks = True
;End Script

Does it have something to do with the 0 days part? I don't know what I'm missing here... thanks for any help!

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TonySterling's picture

are you doing a run now against the mailbox or letting the schedule archive run?

You could start a dtrace and do the run now.

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Ok running the EVPM command will only create folders and create the rules for that folder. When you move messages into the AutoArchive folder, nothing will archive until the archiving schedule kicks in.

So since you have a 0 day rule in that folder. Everything in that folder will archive when your archiving task kicks in. I don't know what your schedule is but by default it is 6PM - 6AM. You can manually kick off the archiving process by doing a Run Now on the task.Message was edited by:
Jason Szeto

Jason Sauer 2's picture

That would do it, my schedule hasn't run yet. It never dawned on me that the EVPM doesn't actually do the archiving, just controls the settings.

Thanks for the quick answers!

9910305's picture
I also had this problem for auto archive a individual folder, how my txt file could not work/
my script:
directorycomputername =
sitename = ev
name = Archive All
CreateShortcut = true
DeleteOriginal = true
unreadMAIL = true
UseInactivityPeriod = true
InactivityUnits = months
InactivityPeriod = 0
distinguishedname = /o=First Organization/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=evadmin
name = \ArchiveNow
filtername = Archive All
OverrideArchiveLocks = true
retentioncategory = personal
then run the EVPM after to set RUN NOW in the mailbox task and sync it.. but not work for create folder and auto archive...
please help to solve this problem..