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EVPM Retention Folders and Exchange 2010

Created: 07 May 2013 • Updated: 08 May 2013 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I'm going to test this in my lab, but thought someone might have dealt with this.

 I am planning to only archive items that get moved to an Archive Folder. If they don't get moved to this folder, they'll be deleted by Exchange after 90 days . My concern/question. How do I keep Exchange from deleting items from the Archive Folder? Even if it's been converted to a shortcut, I want it to stay.

Am I going about this the right way??


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According to this page:

You can use Managed Content on particular message classes, so you could give ill.note.enterprisevault.* a retention of 9999 years

Or you could give the folder itself a retention of 9999 years only and set EV to archive the folder as normal (as opposed to Managed where it copies the exchange managed folders retention settings)

But what I would do is

1. Give the user a policy to not archive anything younger than 100 years
2. Run evpm to create the managed folders and give it inactivity dates and periods like 1 day or older to archive the item
3. Set the custom settings on the entire mailbox to retain ipm.note.enterlrisevault.* for 9999 years

So what should happen is that only regular items will be deleted and that folder stays

The issue you *might* have is that a user copies across an item that's 89 days to the archive folder, EV doesn't archive it straight away and managed folders see that the item is too old and just deletes it

In which case you may want to manage that folder and just put the retention on that alone, change policy in EV for managed folders as normal, run the evpm, set the policy to 100 years etc in the archiving policy etc

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JW.. Give me a minute to digest. I am trying to figure out how to create managed content setting on ill.note.enterprisevault.*

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Wouldn't it be simpler if I just created the Archive Folders seperate from the Inbox?

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Well yeah, exactly, so you would have something like

1. Set the mailbox policy for the following
 - Do Not Archive anything younger than 100 years
 - Treat Managed Folders as "Normal" and NOT "Managed"

2. EVPM to create specific folders such as \Archive - 1 Year\  ... \Archive - 3 Years\ etc

3. In the EVPM specify the retention category and archiving rules

4. Set the Exchange Mailbox Management to a retention policy of 90 days for all folders
5. Create an exception so that the retention of \Archive - 1 Year\ .. \Archive - 3 Years\ to be 9999 years

This way anything in the \Archive* folders,will not be deleted
Nothing in \Inbox or \Sent Items will be archived, only items in the \Archive folders will be archived
Any items outside of \Archive* folders will be deleted after 90 days

The "Normal" Setting for Managed Folders in the EV Policy will ensure it doesn't copy across the 9999 year retention category