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EVPM Script

Created: 18 Apr 2006 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 11 comments
KG's picture

I'm having some difficulty configuring an EVPM script. Please help!

Entire Exchange Organization
I want to have a default retention value of 6 months for the entire mailbox.

Inbox Items Retention Value (And its subfolders): 6 months
Send Items Retention Value (And its subfolders): 2 months
Deleted Items Retention Value (And its subfolders): 2 months

Selected Qualified Users
And for a few selected users, I want to create a folder called 12mos, 24mos, and 36mos. These folders will have a 1 year, 2 year and 3 year retention value respectively.

Is this per OU or group? If OU, do I need to move my users into department specific OUs?


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Jason Szeto's picture

EVPM is used on a per mailbox basis unless they recently made changes that I don't know about.

You could use an EVPM script similar to this to do your default retention for your organization. Now a couple of things to point out, make your 6 month retention your default retention so when you enable mailboxes everyone is already set to 6 months. Which means the inbox should be 6 months as well and doesn't need to be touched. You just need to modify the sent items retention and deleted items. Also by default the deleted items are not archived so you'll have to turn on archiving of deleted items in your mailbox policy.

directorycomputername = evserver1
sitename = EV Site

DistinguishedName = ALL

Name = \Sentitems
OverrideArchiveLocks = true
RetentionCategory = nameofretentioncategory

Name = \Deleteditems
OverrideArchiveLocks = true
RetentionCategory = nameofretentioncategory

Then for your selected users you can just modify the above script to create whatever folders you need and you just specify the Exchange distinguished name of each user to get those folders.

KG's picture

So will all of these script settings be location in one file?

Will the shortcuts be handled through the gui or will I need to configure those settings in the script as well?

Thanks for the help!

Jason Szeto's picture

You'll have 2 separate EVPM scripts one for the default users and the other for the special settings.

You can configure the shortcuts in the GUI.

KG's picture

Awesome. Thanks for your quick responses! Very helpful info.

One last question... Is there a way to run an expircy report to tell you what is going to be deleted from the vault or each user? If so, does it display each message (to,from,subject) in the report?

Jason Szeto's picture

You can go into your site properites and from the Storage Expiry tab, you can run the expiry in report mode. I believe it does display each message in the report but it's been a while since I've looked at one and I don't remember exactly what information is in there. I would recommend just running a report and see for yourself.


Michael Folks's picture

How can you configure the EVPM scripts as shortcuts in the GUI? Because if this is the case I could apply those policies to an OU without having to run EVPM to modify a certain groups policy. This would make my life easier as you can see my issue in this post:

Jason Szeto's picture

EVPM scripts and shortcuts are completely separate. I believe KG was asking 2 different questions that all. There is no way to configure EVPM scripts in the GUI. Although it might be a nice feature enhancement.

Michael Folks's picture

I totally agree...they need to get away from the EVPM cmd line utility and make something user friendly. I mean they are on the right path with the "limited" policies settings in the GUI. I don't see why they couldn't extend that list to include additional selections such as what to or not to archive. They have had multiple years to improve this piece and I would have thought with EV6 that would have been a key point in being upgraded.

Jason Szeto's picture

Well my only suggestion to this is, tell your salesperson that you want that as a feature. If enough people ask for it, they it'll eventually pop up in EV.

Michael Folks's picture

I have been asking for this since KVS owned the product. So for the past 3 years I have requested a GUI for policy management.