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EVPM Script vs. Mailbox Policy

Created: 28 Sep 2012 | 7 comments

I am using an evpm script for not to archive Junk Mails, It works fine except 1 condition. When a Junk Mail bigger than 5 Mb,  arrives mailbox policy state that the mail which is bigger that 5 Mb archives imeediately. 

Is there a way to prevent mailbox policy to works after evpm script??

By the way script is below

DirectoryComputername = Directory computer
SiteName = Site name
DistinguishedName = All
Name = \Junk E-Mail
Filtername = DoNotArchive
OverrideArchiveLocks = true

Thanks for your help.

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Michael Bilsborough's picture


Off the top of my head, honestly that sounds like a defect.  You have after all marked the folder as Do Not Archive and OverarchiveArchiveLocks as true so I don't see why EV should try and archive any data from it tbh.  What version/service pack are you running?


Rob.Wilcox's picture

How have you configured a mailbox archiving policy/rule to archive all stuff over 5 Mb?

There is the option to *start* with stuff bigger than 5 Mb.. but not force all over 5Mb.

I just used EVPM as you indicated, and the things in my Junk E-mail folder are NOT being archived - regardless of the size.

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any chance of doing the following?

1. Send yourself a 5MB email
2. Copy the email to \Junk E-Mail
3. Open a command prompt and CD to your EV Install directory
4. Type "DTrace" and press Enter
5. Type "set ArchiveTask v" and press Enter
6. Type "log C:\JunkMailTrace.txt" and press Enter
7. Minimize the command prompt
8. Go to the Vault Admin Console
9. Right click your Archiving Task for the exchange server you are hosted on
10. Go to Run Now
11. Select your mailbox and do all processing (dont run in report mode)
12. Await to see if the 5MB email has been archived
13. Once it has, go back to the command prompt, and type "exit" and then close the window
14. Zip the JunkMailTrace.txt and post it here

It's either one of two things, it's either a bug, or the EVPM filter isn't being applied properly OR it maybe a different folder called something like Junk EMail instead of Junk E-Mail, there has been a couple of other posts where people have had variations on the name.

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JW3 - those are the steps that I did.  And it worked correctly.

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Right so the DTrace is what is necessary, and the "works on my machine" doesn't rule out a bug unfortunately, but only way to tell definitely is by the dtrace

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Agreed with JW3, we really need to see a dtrace to know for sure what is going on in the OP's specific envionment.

Rob.Wilcox's picture

... and an answer to the question of how the policy is setup....