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Exceptions when backing up a NAS

Created: 07 Jan 2013 • Updated: 08 Jan 2013 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


Everything is fine but backups are successfull with exceptions ..

What about licensing dos it utilizes any licenses asremote agent is not installedn and no ndmp backups are configured.

How to avoid those warnnings

Backup- NetApp FQDN
V-79-57344-3844 - The Backup Exec server was unable to connect to the Remote Agent on machine NetApp FQDN.

The Backup Exec server will use the local agent to try to complete the operation.

V-79-57344-65277 - Snapshot Technology: Initialization failure on: "\\NetApp Hostname\Finance". Snapshot technology used: No.

Remote Agent not detected on netapp storage FQDN 

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You would have to live with these error messages.  There is no way to get rid of them.

To comply with licencing terms, you would need to have a RAWS licence for each remote device or server that you are backing up.  This is regardless of whether you can install RAWS on the remote device.

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Thanks for ur immediate response.

So you mean to say for 1 device one agent for RAWS license is required.

and for Windows Domain controllers we need agent for database is required am i correct? 

Thanks & Regards,

Vamsi Krishna

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So you mean to say for 1 device one agent for RAWS license is required.


and for Windows Domain controllers we need agent for database is required am i correct? 

To backup AD, you just need to backup the system state of a DC.  You do not need any additonal licence.  However, if you want the ability to restore individual AD objects, then you need to buy an Agent for Applications and Databases licence.  Without this licence, you would need to restore the entire system state of a DC to restore any AD object.

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Please be aware that when people talk about RAWS they often get confused between the license and the program you install onto a remote system

With regards to the RAWS license you need one for every remote Windows System or device backed up via shares and theses license get installed on the media server. If teh remoet server iin question contains a database technology (Exchange,  SQL, Sharepoint, Domino, Active Directory etc) then the agent for databases does include the allowance to backup data on the same server that would be protected by RAWS as such you do not need a RAWS license and a Database license for this scenario.

As pkh has indicated when you backup over shares because no agent sofwtare can be installed then the message you quoted will always be seen.

Active Directory is an odd one as you can back it up without needing the Active Directory Remote Agent (ADRA) so can just use a RAWS backup - however this only gives you the ability to do a DR restore of the domain controller. If you want granular restore you will need to invest in ADRA. As such for a remote DC you can choose whether to buy a RAWS license or an ADRA one depending on what restore capability you want..

With regards Active Directory