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Excessive Client/Server Communication

Created: 28 Aug 2013 • Updated: 17 Sep 2013 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Running management platform 7.1, we noticed significant amounts of traffic going to our management servers. When running a wireshark on a client we can see http communication every second between the client/agent and the server.

POST /Altiris/ClientTaskServer/Register.aspx?resourceGuid=....

POST /Altiris/ClientTaskServer/PostStatus.aspx?resourceGuid=....

Over and over every second. Is there any way to diagnose if this is by design or an issue, or any way to calm it down?

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turn on the diagnostics on the client if not already done.(regsrv32 AeXAgentDiagnostics.dll in the agent folder)

Check what answer the clients get. And post those. The clients get any tasks and are registered on the task status page? Clients dont have the same guid, right?

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Thanks for your help, it turns out to be a bug that is stopping the task status checkins from working properly, we have an  update to fix it.

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Do you happen to have a KB or HowTo link regaridng this bug? I would like to see if I am affected.



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Sure, the actual issue was caused by this -

This manifested itself by causing the excessive communications because the agents were not working properly. This had gone unnoticed because everythine was functioning fine, just the performance was poor.

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