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Excessive DNS queries by the SPM/Sygate agent software

Created: 18 Jul 2013


We have observed a problem on our HP thin client computers that the SPM/Sygate agent softwer is generating excessive DNS queries to the DNS servers.

Our environment:

  1. Server: Symantec Policy Manager 5.1.9 on Windows Server 2003 R2
  2. Client: HP Thin Clients running Windows XP Embedded OS.

The Sygate agent needs to generate DNS queries to resolve the web server name/IP defined in the SPM server's firewall rule set. Shouldn't the agent store the resolutions in the cache for a period of time until it times up? Is there a prameter in the Sygate Agent to increase this this timer? I also found that the excessive DNS traffic disapears after we stop the Sygate agent. 

Can someone please advise how to fix this problem?

Thanks very much in advance


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