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Exchange 2003 SP2 upgrading Agent Issues

Created: 03 Dec 2012 | 4 comments

I have an Exchange 2003 servers 1 front end and 2 mail stores.  I have been using Backup Exec 11D to backup the systems.  

We have upgraded our Backup Envorment (Server library and softare).

So I have got a New Backup system running Backup Exec 2010R3 fully patched.

I was able to install the Agent on 2of 3 Exchange servers.  The front end and one of the mailstore servers.  My issue is when I try and install the Upgraded agent on the last Exchange server I run into trouble.  It gets to the point of  50% Installing the .NET 2.0 and hangs.

If I run the Remote agent deploy to upgrade the agent, it is not  long that I get a admin noting that email is not being recieved, and on checking the exchange server I see that there is a service trying to be stopped (the SMTP service), it just stays at stopping and does not allow me to do much elase with the server.  I am able to reboot the servier properly and it will continue one running properly.  

So now I have a backup job running on both enviroments to make sure my backups run.  I would like to have all the servers running /backing up on the new systems.  Though want to see if anyone else has ran into any such issue?  or for a real solution.

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I had a call into symantec, and they had got me run the Tools - Remote agent, and that ended up giving me the same issue.  Not too happy about that.

They had me do the copy of the RAWS32 folder and run the setup.exe it spit out an error regarding the .net  Typically I use the setupaa.cmd that I usually have very little issues with.

Not sure if that help or not but wanted to get some other options.

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Do you have antivirus running ?
If so, disable it during the installation, when the installation is successfull, you can start it again.

BE2010 agent uses .NET framework 2.0. If it's not already installed, the setup tries to install it.
Just to make sure you can manualy install it, and push the agent again.

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No antivirus on the mail store servers.

have you seen any issues in trying the straight .NET install on Exchange?  Would you recommend any one in general> (.NET 2.0 that is)

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Indeed, .NET 2.0.

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