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Exchange 2007 GRT Backup and Restore Performance - Is anyone else finding this unacceptable?

Created: 11 Aug 2010

OK, so we have been backing up our Exchange 2007 servers for quite a while using GRT backups in Backup Exec 12.5 now. Performance for the backup seems reasonable at up to 3,300 MB/min to LTO-4 Tape Library, so we thought all was well.

This is until we started to try and restore some mailboxes. I know this option is meant to be used primarily from a disk-based backup, but most of our restore requests come in for users that have left the company, so we generally need backups that are 1 - 3 months old, and there is no way we can keep all of those on disk. Our total Information Store is in the 3 TB (no, not a typo) range, some of our DB's are 250 GB.

I am currenlty doing some testing and it looks like restores from GRT run at the blazing speed of 120 MB/min, same LTO-4 Tape library, 15K disks, GB connections etc., so no bottleneck.

Am I the only one that thinks that this is really not a viable solution to backing up and restoring Exchange data? At this rate even a relatively small DB of 50 GB would take over 7 hours to stage, our largest store would take around 35 hours...... not practical.

Right now my plan is to switch back to non-GRT backups, but first I will try the tape-to-disk duplication option outlined in other posts, but even that seems sluggish.

Is there anything I am missing, anything that we should be doing differently? As I said the backup part looks good and works like a charm, but restoring anything is next to impossible.'