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Exchange 2007 GRT backup status Loading Media

Created: 10 Feb 2014 | 8 comments


I use Backup Exec 12.5 fully patched. Its running on Windows Server 2008.

I configured a job to backup Exchange 2007 with GRT option enabled.

I backup to a local NTFS drive on the Backup Server.

Since a few days the backup job randomly hangs at different stages on Status Loading media.

The backup-2-disk folder contains 1 IMGxxx folder and thousands of empty 2KB bkf files.

Normally, when backup is successful, there is 1 IMGxxx folder and 1 bkf file.

Last weekend we rebooted our Exchange server but this morning backup hang at 536 GB status loading media.

I can't figure out why the backup of Exchange won't complete successfully anymore.

Please help me.


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SuperBrain's picture

Hi Sander,

You mentioned the backup destination is on a local NTFS drive on the Backup server.

Can you confirm the drive has enough space?

Also, are there any unconfigured devices on this server? you may want to remove any unconfigured devices and attempt to run the backup job again.

Sander Vels's picture

Hello SuperBrain,

Yes I can confirm the local NTFS drive has enough space. There are no unconfigured devices on the server.


pkh's picture

If you have lots of 2kb files, it means that there is a problem allocating the .img folder. Delete the .img folder and the 2kb files and try again

Sander Vels's picture

Hello pkh,

I have tried this already. I deleted the 2kb files and the .img folder from the disk. I also created a new B2D folder for this job nut the problem is still there.

pkh's picture

Does your disk have sufficient space to accommodate the entire information store? For each backup set that you keep, you need sufficient space to house the entire information store

Sander Vels's picture

Yes the drive does have enough free disk space: more than 2 TB. The Information Store is 700 GB.

pkh's picture

Check that the driven does not have 4k sector size which is not supported by Server 2008. Also, I am not sure whether BE 12.5 can handle a disk bigger than 2Tb

Sander Vels's picture

The drive does not have a 4k sector size. Backup Exec itself is not installed on this 2TB drive neither.

Also the backup doesn't always fail with the error I mentioned. Sometimes is does do a successfull backup, sometimes not.