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Exchange 2007 - Mail Restore Problem with V-79-57344-65217

Created: 20 Oct 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 12 comments

Hi everybody,


i have a problem while restoring a mailbox to Exchange 2007 SP1 with BE 12.0


BE completes backup operations of Exchange successfully, but cannot restore any mail in a mailbox.


On both BE server and Exchange server have same Exchange Management Tool version, MAPICdo is installed on Exchange server. In addition GRT is successful, during restore job selection i can see all backed up mails in a mailbox. The BE server has sufficient temporary size for Exchange restore logs


 Also all steps for backing up Exchange 2007 with BE in has done.


The error log is


Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe000ff00 - Unable to restore some Microsoft Exchange components because one or more of the databases are currently mounted or because the Recovery Storage Group is not properly configured. Use the Exchange System Manager to check the configuration of the Recovery Storage Group and the mount status of the databases.



Unable to restore the selected Microsoft Exchange databases because one or more of the storage group's databases are mounted.  Use the Exchange System Manager to dismount all the databases for the storage group 'SG****', and then retry the job.
V-79-57344-65217 - An error occurred while completing the operation on
\\exchsrv.domain\Microsoft Information Store\SG****
A failure occurred performing the post-restore operation.


I tested restore job for different mailboxes in different databases and also storage groups but the result is same. What can i do for this problem



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Is backup on tape?

Duplicate it to disk and try to restore from it.

Check event viewer on exchange server.

Also check access requirement for backup account. 

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Thanks for reply 


Yes backup is on tape, i tried disk backup but there is not any change, it gives the same problem.


We did everything which is described in symantec documents for backup-restore exchange 2007, so there must not be any problem with BE logon account or mailbox account.

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Check version of ese.dll on both servers....It should be same. Check version of beclass.dll Check Management tools version of both server. You should have same service pack and rollup patches installed on backup server and exchange server for exchange 2007

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I checked the version of dll s.

For beclass.dll is same on both server but ese.dll on Exchange Server is higher version, ese.dll is on backup server and on exchange server.


My exchange server is Win 2003 64bit Enterprise with SP2, backup server is Windows 2003 32bit Standart with SP2. Exchange Management Tool version is same on both server with Service Pack 1.


How can i upgrade the version of dll on backup server?

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Check what all rollup patches are install on both servers for exchange 2007.

make sure that they are same. 

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Thank for your help, but i can not retrieve current rollup update status of servers.


I find the latest patch Update Rollup 4 for Exchange 2007 SP1, but i cannot decide which rollup patch must be installed on backup exec server or exchange server.


Could you help me how can i retrieve current rollup status of servers. So i can download and install required rollup patch



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You Do not need to install additional rollup patches.

You can check in ADD/REMOVE program...Check show updates.

it will show you wat rollup patch is installed.


Both the servers should have same updates.


If exchnage is on rollup 3 then ,media server should also be on rollup 3 

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I checked rollup patch but there isnt any rollup update on both server. I checked it from Add/Remove programs.

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Did you check the box show updates in add/remove programs.

Then only it will show installed updates.

Check the management console version on both servers if it is different that means you do have different updates installed 

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Yes i checked the updates like that, and also controlled from Review Installed Update History on Windows Update web site.


And also management console version is same on both server (version no: 08.01.0240.006)

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Try the registry settings and see if you can expand the legacy exchange mailboxes.


How to configure Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 backups in Backup Exec 11d and above

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We solved the problem. It occurs from the account being used for backup/restore for Exchange 2007, had a different logon name and alias name.


And also we changed the Logon Account for BackupExec services from Local Sytem to a domain account.

Thanks for your help.