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Exchange 2010 and 2007 Coexisting with EV 9.04 Archiving

Created: 17 Dec 2012 • Updated: 20 Dec 2012 | 9 comments
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I have just setup a new exchange 2010 server. A single server with no DAG and have all three roles (CAS, HUB and mailbox).

I have moved two test mailboxes from exchange 2007 to exchange 2010 server for testing purpose. We are running EV 9.0.4 and I would like test out EV functionality. The EV server has Outlook client 2007 installed with SP3.

What are the steps I need to take to make sure archiving works properly on 2010 test mailboxes?

I tried adding exchange 2010 server in EV 9.0.4 but not sure which options I need to select. This new server will host everything and we are looking to retire exchange 2007 servers however currently it is only holding two test boxes. I checked properties of Exchange 2007 server in EV and do not see an option to select Exchange Public Folder Task and Exchange Journaling Task. So I am not sure if I can make selecting later on when I setup Exchange Journaling on 2010. Thanks

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When you first add the target, you get the dialog you have shown - but there is nothing stopping you at a later time in going to the Tasks container in the VAC, and adding a PF task, or a Journal task..etc.

With regards to what you need with Exchange 2010 in the mix..  Main thing is that the Vault Service Account needs a mailbox, and that needs to be on Exchange 2010.  Then you need to run a PowerShell script or two.  It's described in the Setting up Exchange Server Archiving Guide & the Installing Guide.

Scripts to run:



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Maybe a good starting point for the exchange 2010 archiving is to read the following whitepaper:

But basically you are going to need to:

1) Create a mailbox for the vault service account on Exchange 2010

2) Run the SetEVThrottlingPolicy.ps1 script

3) Run the SetEVExchangePermissions.ps1 script

4) Create mailboxes for the archiving tasks as per the above doc, but essentially one per EV server that can host stores is needed

5) Give the EV service account permissions on those mailboxes using powershell (detailed in the document I've linked to)

6) Add in the exchange servers into the VAC and create tasks

You can create tasks at any time, but the wizard you run through when adding an exchange server allows these to be auto-created. If you want to create a task later on, then simply right click in the panel with the existing tasks and select to add a new task.

Remember that you will need to have a journal archive already created before you add journal mailboxes, and it is best to store journal archives in a separate vault store to the mailbox archives, so you may need one of those too.



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Great guys.

The service account has a mailbox. I will move EV Service account mailbox to exchange 2010 and run power shell scripts. I will get started with the information here.

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Sorry, few more things. How many total mailboxes I need? Please keep in mind we have existing EV 9.0.4 working Exchange 2007. I do see couple of EV mailboxes already exist in 2007 exchange management console.

I am following "Installing_and_Configuring..pdf"

1. Create the EV system mailbox - you must create an EV system mailbox on all exchange server.

2. Create a mailbox for the vault service account (is it same as EV system mailbox?)

Which mailbox I should mention when I setup 2010 throttling policy?


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The System Mailbox is a seperate mailbox as an entry point in to Exchange
So if you have 10 Exchange servers, you have 10 system mailboxes, one for each Exchange Server
Then when you create the Exchange Archiving Task on EV, you use the System Mailbox you created for that exchange server.

Then for the EV Permissions and throttling script, you have to make sure that the EVAdmin account that runs all the EV Services has its own Mailbox. If it does not have a mailbox then the scripts will fail to run, and that mailbox has to be hosted on an exchange server in the environment.

So when you run the permissions script, you run it as an Exchange Administrator that already has the appropriate permissions, and you specify the EV Admin account, it will then assign the permissions to that user.

For Exchange 2003 and 2007 the EVAdmin never needed its own mailbox, it just needed to be a regular user, but for Exchange 2010 it does require that mailbox.

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OK, The EV Service Account already has a mailbox and it is sitting on Exchange 2007 server. So I will not create a mailbox for EV Service Account as it already exists but I would assume I need to move it to exchange 2010 and then run two scripts mentioned above.

Also, could you please verify, moving EV Service account mailbox to exchange 2010 will not impact existing 2007 user’s mailboxes because I will phase out user mailbox migration to exchange 2010 and it will take couple of weeks.

Thank you

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Yes you would move the EVAdmin's mailbox from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010.
Moving it will not impact your Exchange 2007 servers UNLESS you have an Exchange Archiving Task that is using the EVAdmin mailbox as the system mailbox.

So for instance if you have ExchServerA and you are using your EVAdmin mailbox as the Tasks's System Mailbox, when you move that mailbox elsewhere, that task will then fail. If that is the case, create a system mailbox for that Exchange Server, set the task to run using that new mailbox and then you can move the EVAdmin mailbox to Exchange 2010.

But other than that, there will be no impact, because again for Exchange 2003 and 2007, the EVAdmin never needed a mailbox, it is only a recent requirement