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Exchange 2010 and rpc\http evault

Created: 04 Oct 2012 • Updated: 04 Oct 2012 | 7 comments
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I'm using this artice to configure internet access to evault through rpc\http. Everything with exchange server and outllo are setup correctly with rpc\http and it works fine. I have also successfully published the evault server's name through the internet. I cant however still access evault email through the internet.

If I go to I can access the ev webapp, it doesnt ask me for credentials even!?

In the desktop policy I choose on th eadvanced tab "outlook" and I choose for rpc\http "direct" and synchronize my mailbox and open Outlook and cant open archoved email. If I choose "proxy" and put the url: "evaultserver.domain.local" - still cant get archived email. I can get it though if I use th evpn or if I'm internal.

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So you need to use proxy and specify the full

Once that is set and synchronized, get a client trace and see what URL it's using and what the http response codes are

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This is what I dont understand. How can I use when poitns to my Exchange Server?

I already have an external URL being published called to the internal IP address of the evault server and it is accesssible from outside.

Are you saying in the properties of the Exchaneg policy I choose use proxy instead of direct and just type in the url as ?

Why URL would I put if I wanted to use direct?

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Direct means that its not even going to try the RPC over HTTP URL
Meaning that if you have http://evserver.internal.domain/ then EV will always attempt to connect to that URL, so that you have to be connected to the VPN or logged on to your domain.

For external, typically you have something like (an ISA Server) -> http://exchangeCAS.internal.domain/Exchange/ -> http://evServer.internal.domain/EnterpriseVault/

So the IIS does the redirect based on the published folders, it acts as a proxy between the Exchange virtual directory and outside the network.

if you have published it via something like -> http://evServer.internal.domain/
Then you would specify the RPC over HTTP URL to be and set the policy to use Proxy

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I have -> http://exchangeCAS.internal.domain/Exchange/

But I got it working by: -> http://evServer.internal.domain/
Then you would specify the RPC over HTTP URL to be and set the policy to use Proxy

Why is it http and not https? Through the internet I went to and it didnt even ask me for a password.

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http and https is purely your preference, if its set up to use both http AND https, you can use both...but you should probably set the urls and the listerns and forwarders etc to use https

As for the password prompt, it is most likely a managed password on your windows machine, so its just passing the credentials it already has cached

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apparently it only works with http, how do I control which it uses?

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here's one way of configuring EV to work with SSL