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Exchange 2010 DAG & EV System Mailboxes

Created: 31 Aug 2012 • Updated: 04 Sep 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi Experts,

I'm really confused about Exchange 2010 DAG & EV System Mailboxe requirements,

I have following Exchaneg 2010 DAG setup

A -> Active DB

P -> Passive DB



DAG1 - EXCH1-1 (A1), EXCH1-2 (P1), EXCH2-1 (A2), EXCH2-2 (P2)

DAG2 - EXCH3-1 (A3), EXCH3-2 (P3), EXCH4-1 (A4), EXCH4-2 (P4)



DAG1 - BEXCH1-1 (P1), BEXCH1-2 (P1), BEXCH2-1 (P2), BEXCH2-2 (P2)

DAG2 - BEXCH3-1 (P3), BEXCH3-2 (P3), BEXCH4-1 (P4), BEXCH4-2 (P4)

Please suggest how many archiving tasks we need and how many EV system mailbox we need, where they should be located. Do we need archiving tasks for Exchange servers that holds passive DBs? If yes do we need separate system mailbox?
Many Thanks

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You need to target the Exchange 2010 servers (NOT DAG), each task for each server.

System mailbox should be on each server that holds an active database.

You should target servers that hold passive databases too, but you can only do thhis when you have failed-over the active database(s) to the passive servers, then you you need to run Provisioning task manually or you can leave for the schedule run.

Also you should have the VSA mailbox on an exchange 2010 server. here's the whitepaper if you have not seen it before:

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Just to be sure: you have 2 DAGs, 16 Exchange servers and 4 DB?

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As mentionned by LCT, you will need 16 archiving tasks (one for each Exchange server) and one system mailbox per DAG so you will need 4 on each of your active database in each DAG (if you had a copy of your A1 on each other exchange server in the DAG, you will only need 1 system mailbox per DAG).
For example: 
  • EVSysMbx1 on DB named A1
  • EVSysMbx2 on DB named A2
  • EVSysMbx3 on DB named A3
  • EVSysMbx4 on DB named A4
Then you will be able to configure archiving tasks for:
  • EXCH1-1
  • EXCH2-1
  • EXCH3-1
  • EXCH4-1
At that point, you will need to repeat the following process:
  • Failover A1 on EXCH1-2 and configure a new archiving task for EXCH1-2
  • Failover A2 on EXCH2-2 and configure a new archiving task for EXCH2-2
  • Failover A3 on EXCH3-2 and configure a new archiving task for EXCH3-2
  • Failover A4 on EXCH4-2 and configure a new archiving task for EXCH4-2
Do the same for the remaining servers.
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Hope it answered to all of your questions.