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Exchange 2010 journal mailboxes

Created: 10 Jan 2014 • Updated: 14 Jan 2014 | 2 comments
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Exchange 2010 SP2

I would love to hear how you have setup your journal mailboxes that reside on Exchange 2010. In particular, do you do anything special with these values?


I'm trying to decide if our modifying of these values in any way negatively affects Enterprise Vault's ability to consistently and successfully archive the content in these journal mailboxes.

For the longest time, single item recovery was set to FALSE on our journal mailbox. An automated process globally enabled it to TRUE and ever since, I have struggled to find the right values for these mailbox settings, or if they have anything to do at all with the archive process.

I do know that enabling single item recovery will produce a TRUCK LOAD of white space in your mailbox database that houses the journal mailboxes. My idea is - keep single item recovery disabled and allow zero room for recoverable items. However, I'm concerned about any message post-processing required by either Exchange or EV when it comes to journaling and the subsequent archiving of this content.

Thank you for any thoughts!

Aaron J

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JesusWept3's picture

well EV is just going to delete the items, even if you set it to an After Backup scenario, so it doesn't matter if the items don't go to a dumpster etc.. I also know that EV puts on a hard delete that should bypass the exchange dumpster as well

But typically most places i know will do as you said, leave no room for the items to be recovered and just trust that EV will archive it correctly, after all , its one of those things thats important for compliancy, but difficult to balance that importance with having a stable system

NaturesRevenge's picture

Thank you, JW3. Seems every time single item recovery is either purposely or inadvertently enabled on these journal mailboxes, things go south in a hurry. I've written a powershell script and scheduled it as a task to routinely go out and verify that single item recovery is always disabled.