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Exchange 2010 R3 GRT Backup (Using VMware and Native Backup)

Created: 29 Jan 2013 | 2 comments

I am having issue backing up Exchange 2010 using VMware agent. The backup takes very long time. When I backup the same exchange server using Native Backup it only takes 2.5 hours. Both Native and VMware backups are GRT.

Just wondering what VMware agent back takes 8 hours. Is there any patch that solve this issue. Media Server shows "Updating Catalog" and it sits there for hours.

We had same issue with SharePoint and I end up not using Symantec backup exec. for SharePoint. Same message updating catalog and it takes 15 hours.

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If you are not already on BE 2010 R3 SP2 and the latest hotfixes, make sure that you upgrade to this level.

The "updating catalog" stage is when BE enumerate the individual items for GRT restore.  Your VM backup would take a longer time because BE has to enumerate the files in the VM on top of the Exchange items.

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It does not make any scene to have 50 GB of exchange server backup in 8 hours. I have other 25 non-exchange servers that I need to backup. Why I can backup same exchange server in 2 hours using native backup and yes native backup is GRT. I can get the individual mailbox or items restore.

I believe the backup agent "Updating Catalog" module needs to re-program. When there are 1000s of items to backup (exchange or SharePoint) this process simply not efficient. It has to catalog items fast and I am sure it is not doing. While job is running and when the process is at "updating catalog" I can see items are cataloging really slowly. I can read the file name until next file appears and it stays there for hours and hours