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Exchange Archive?

Created: 15 Aug 2012 | 4 comments

As far as I've read the Backup Exec Appliance does not support the Exchange Archiving Option for Backup Exec 2012. Does anyone know if they are looking at adding this support?

Also, does anyone know the difference between the Exchange Archiving Option in Backup Exec 2012 and the Exchange Archiving in Enterprise Vault?


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...this is something you need to ask of Symantec directly. They don't seem to publish their roadmaps. Otherwise go to the Ideas section and add this in as an Idea...!

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thanks. I have made a couple of phone calls to Symantec but I can't seem to get anyone who actually knows what's going on. The one guy I talked to regarding the appliance didn't even know that there was Archiving option for Backup Exec and told me it was only available in Vault.

I will definately post in the Ideas. Thanks!

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The Backup Exec Archiving Option is powered by Enterprise Vault. Here are the key differences between the Exchange Archiving Option in Backup Exec, and the Exchange Archiving in Enterprise Vault.

- Backup Exec archiving avoids pulling data separately for backup and archiving from Exchange servers (same for file archiving). Data for archival is read from latest backups.

- Backup Exec's archiving is fully integrated into BE's workflow, and archiving can be added as a stage to a backup definition.

- End users can access archived data using the Virtual Vault. Virtual Vault provides seamless access to user’s archive within Microsoft Outlook. The archive appears like a mailbox folder or personal folder in the Microsoft Outlook navigation pane and provides direct access to archived items. Backup Exec archiving does not create stubs in the Exchange database but deletes archived emails based on configured policy. The archived emails can be accessed using Virtual Vault. Enterprise Vault on the other hand, can be configured to create stubs.

- The Backup Exec archiving does not do journal mailbox archiving.

- Backup Exec archiving has a simplified single-server deployment architecture and not a distributed architecture like that of Enterprise Vault.

Note that customers can upgrade from Backup Exec Archiving Option to Enterprise Vault without having to perform any data migration.

The Backup Exec Archiving Option is currently not part of the appliance. I cannot comment on the roadmap, but would be happy to learn about how you plan to deploy the archiving option.


- Srineet.

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Also, you'll find more information as well as differences between the Archiving Option and Enterprise Vault in


- Srineet.