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Exchange Archiving and imported shortcuts

Created: 08 Jul 2013 • Updated: 08 Jul 2013 | 9 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

EV 9.04 on Win2008 R2 x64, Exchange 2003 on Win2003 Ent SP2, Outlook 2003 on XP Pro sp3

I seem to have imported some foreign shortcuts into our Exchange system.  Apart from getting the obvious failures in the EV eventlogs when these are moved within the mailbox, I am also getting DCOM errors (eventid 10009) due to these shortcuts trying to talk back to their origin. This communication is attempted every 2 or 3 seconds.

Has anyone else made this (schoolboy) blunder and, what did you do to rectify ?

I was thinking of removing the foreign shortcuts but do not know exactly how to identify them.

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I would try orphaned shortcuts in the mailbox policy > shortcut deletion to see if that would remove these shortcuts from the mailboxes.

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Thats a difficult one, really difficult for the fact that even if you did Orphaned Shortcut deletion, it would skip over those items because it would only delete shortcuts where the shortcut had an archive ID that matched the users.

Any other ID's and the shortcut won't delete
The only way i could think you could do it is programatically through VBScript or another type of application, getting the archive ID of that particular user you're scanning, checking the ID in the item itself, and if the ID does not match, then delete it

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That doesn't sound good.

How can I see the shortcut details to determine the id ?

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For Outlook 2010, select the shortcut, then go to File -> Enterprise Vault -> "Additional Support Information"
If you go down to "Selected Item", you will see "Archive ID"
You can then go to the Vault Admin Console, hold Ctrl-Shift and right click "Archives" and select "Find Archive or Folder by ID" and then paste in the ID you copied, it will then come back with the archive it belongs to.

If it comes back with nothing, it would suggest the shortcut does not belong to that site

One thing to note about the "Archive ID" that it lists, this is actually the Vault ID (which is the folder) NOT the actual Archive ID

You can also use MFCMapi or Outlook Spy and select the item and go to iMessage and then you will see a property called "Archive ID"

If you were to do it programatically through redemption you could use HrGetOneProp()

One easy thing to see is if you look at the very end of the ID you have the EV Site Alias
so you might have in your environment the ID being something like

But if the ID looks like

The Alias at the end is completely different, so you know it belonged to another site

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ps The actual item should be in the user's vault (they were imported from pst).

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well if you imported the PST, then the shortcut is just copied from the PST to the mailbox (because its a shortcut, it can't be imported) so the shortcut would just be orphaned regardless, no?

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The foreign shortcut exists due to an exmerge from original mailbox.

The vault item is from a pst import into a user's vault (with no shortcut created).

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Problem seems to be sorted now.  This whole issue was initially found due to our VAC indicating that synchronisation of mailboxes hadn't completed for a week or so.

DTrace confirmed issues connecting to old EV system. Local host file was modified to include hostname but to local machine - this reduced the search/timeouts dramatically. We could also see many items in the message queues (A6/7), so these were purged. Saw many NEGATIVE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT events for Synchronization requests after the purge - indicating this was our bottleneck.

The mailboxes that were exmerged out of the old environment were exmerged into empty mailboxes in the new environment.  This was only done a few weeks ago (at most) and were mainly IT helpdesk staff. We deleted ALL shortcuts out of these new mailboxes.

I am no longer seeing the DCOM errors, the Synchronization error has disappeared from the VAC and I am not getting anymore events about moving archived items.

Will continue to monitor but it seems promising.

Thanks to both JesusWept3 and GabeV for their input.