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Created: 24 Sep 2013 • Updated: 02 Oct 2013 | 5 comments
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Hello Team,

Can we run two backup jobs on the same exchange DAG's ?

I mean .. if there is already a exchange job running with the same selection list ,can we create a new backup job with the same selection list but to a different media.

My Scenario :

I have a scheduled job which is running to B2D disk  located remotely and it's running very slowly @32 MB/min ( it's been like 3 days now ) and it's still going on.


1) can i cancel that job and create a new job with same selection list but with different media.

2)without cancelling the job can i create a new job and run it ? will this affect the existing job,as both the jobs are using the same selection list ( in my case,same exchange DAG's).


Operating Systems:

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As long as those jobs don't run at the same time, there shouldn't be an issue. If you cancel the current job, it's going to release the hold on Exchange, and essentially fail your backup.

Do not run both jobs're going to cause issues somewhere along the line, be it with Exchange being VSS snapshotted twice, or both jobs trying to commit logs to the database etc.

Cancel the job, create a new one, and run that instead.


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Hello CraigV,

"Do not run both jobs together" -- Does this apply to all the backup jobs ( i mean others application backups,file server backps,normal windows backp) ?


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Hi Suren,

No...I've read your original post as running 2 backups of that Exchange Information Store at the same time.

This WOULD apply to data if it was the same data being backed up at the same time in 2 different jobs.

If you're talking about backing up Exchange in 1 job, and data in another, and these run at the same time, then this is possible.


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I agree with Craig you can not run 2 bckups at same time as the VSS writers will go unstable as it is already in use by one backup job. Cancel the job and run another one.


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...this has added nothing to the troubleshooting at all, and you just repeated everything I said...


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