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Exchange Backup / Duplication from Disk to Tape

Created: 21 Aug 2012 • Updated: 23 Aug 2012 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


We have a Exchange 2010 Mail Server.

We make a Backup to disk and directly after the Backup we make the duplication to Tape. But we get the following error:

We have Backup Exec 2012 (all patches). The Exchange Server is a Windows SMALL BUSINESS SERVER 2008.

Any idea what we could do here? Thank you.

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You can try the following steps

1- This issue is resolved by excluding the Backup Exec temp directory C:\Temp\Backup Exec on the Exchange server from Anti-Virus active scan.  When backing up Exchange with GRT enabled. e00002f7 - Cannot extract mailbox messages from the Exchange backup. Review the job log for more information.

2- Change the "High Availability Server (Exchange 2007 or later)" drop down to "Back up from the active copy only (job fails if not available)"

3- An Exchange Information Store (IS) backup to a Backup-to-Disk Folder fails with the error: "Backup- \\Exchange\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group Database was not found, or could not be accessed." 

Please check & for more info.


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Today the duplication of the Exchange backup runs sucessfully. I think this is another problem:

We have only one drive in the Tape Library. We have about 5 jobs. All this jobs run into a diskpool and afterwards it will be duplicated to tape. For the duplication to tape there is the following configured:

"Duplicate data immediately after completion of the source task"

Could this be the problem?

For example:

yesterday Job 1 runns sucessfully and Jobs 2 fails and today Job 2 runns sucessfully and Job 1 fails.

Thank you for your help

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Possibly yes...After all, only one job can be written at a time to tape...Consider setting up duplicates with a schedule (post the completion of all the 5 jobs)..

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Yes it could be the problem. Check how long does each duplicate job takes and then schedule them accordingly to start next job once the first job completes.