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Exchange backup error

Created: 05 Sep 2013 | 3 comments

Error below.

The following error was returned when opening the Exchange Database file: '-515 The timestamp in the next log does not match the expected timestamp.'

Just started working on this client for the first time.

I noticed they had a pool setup for the backups when they should not have.  One was a physical drive on the server and one was a USB drive.   So any backups that were done if it grabbed the local one would not be able to be taken off site.   So I changed the backups to all go to the external drive.

Now a couple days later while I am working on it not getting full backups and trying to get the client to get bigger external drives I started getting this error.

From what I can tell from it sounds like it probably backed up on the internal drive I took away ?

Is the fix to make sure we get a full backup to the external soon and then it will start to work right ?



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this may be the case if the failing bacups were incremental/differential... I would not have expected it so much with a full backup job. Was the failing job a Full backup?? 

Try recreating the job and targeting the desired drive and report the results of the full

I hope this posting was helpful


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I looked and they are incremental that are giving the Exchange error.

Should have included that info.  :)

So like I say I am trying to get them to purchase bigger drives as their fulls are running them to the edge of having enough room to do that and the incrementals.    I think they will be buying them today.

The first incremental that had an exchange error just had the error below

The backup exec. agent for MS exchange was not sued to create the last full backup of this database. you must use the exchange agent to ruan a full before you run a differentail or incremental .

The next one had that and the one I stared the forum with.

So do you think once I get a full to the external hard drives only it will get back on track ?

And once they get the new ones I will want to get a full on them as soon as possible ?

Thanks again.


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You should be... I would say get the full done and begin your incremental ..Monitor the backups..  if you see the error "Backup exec did not perform the last backup" again you should begin looking into what might be backing up exchange other than  B.E. 

I hope this posting was helpful