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Exchange Backup - Missing Database

Created: 16 Aug 2012 • Updated: 30 Aug 2012 | 9 comments
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I have BACKUP EXEC 2010 R3, 

Software is installed on the storage server, and a Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server on the exchange server,

in the selection, there is no exchange database, or public folder database. 

How do i select the database to be backedup. I have set the backup settings in the exchange tap. 


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What version of Exchange?  If it's Exchange 2010, is it in a DAG configuration?

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Its exchange 2007 version 08.03.0279.002, and not using DAG. 

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Try these items.

1. Verify that the Backup Exec logon account (specified in Resource Credentials for the various Storage Groups) is assigned a mailbox and is unhidden from the Global Address List.
2. Verify that the logon account corresponds to a uniquely named mailbox (
3. Verify that the Backup Exec logon account has Domain Administrator and Local Administrator rights on the Exchange Server.  Explicitly add the account to the local Administrators group on the Exchange server rather than relying on group membership to imply permissions.
4. Verify that the Backup Exec service account has Organizational Administrator or Server Administrator role in the Exchange Management Console.
5. Verify that mail can be sent to and from the Backup Exec logon account mailbox.

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You may also want to check and see if you have the Exchange Management Tools  installed on the media server.

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I have created a new backup account, which is unlike any other account. 

E-mails can be sent to and from the account. 

it has Domain Admistrative rights and local admin rights. 

It is a member of the exchange groups. 

has the Exchange management tools installed. 

Confusing why this isnt working... 

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I would suggest to go ahead with getting a support case open at this point so we can dig into some of the logs to see what's happening in the background.  The debug logs should show us why it's having a problem.

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Couple of last things you could quickly try as well ~

Add a DWORD value named MonadRpcTimeout at this location - HKLM\Software\Symantec\Backup Exec For Windows\Backup Exec\Engine\Exchange
Set the value of MonadRpcTimeout to 3600 decimal & restart the BE services on both the media & the exchange server...
Retry browsing via the selection list...

If still unable to view the databases, add another key as well -
DWORD value VFF Extended Timeout & set this too 600 decimal
Restart the BE services & re-check..

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think the issue might be that i have different management console versions, 

one is sp2 one sp1, downloading the updated version.. 

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i removed exchange tools from the backup server, 

downloaded Exchange sp2 64bit, installed management tools, and installed roll up 5 sp2. 
thought the install would have been this rollup..?

So the management tools version, is the same as before, build 6002 sp1, and on the exchange its sp2. Even though i used the SP2 installer, and updated using windows updates. Anyway, thought just to ignore that for the minute.

I then re-installed the Agent on the exchange, but this time i did it manually rather than through the BE remote install. 

and Now it is working, i can see the mailstores in the backup selection. 

Thanks for all your help