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Exchange DB backup is getting partial succesful

Created: 20 Mar 2013 • Updated: 04 May 2013 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello Experts,

Need you assistance on this issue.

Since its inception backups are partial succesful with below error.

03/20/2013 14:10:42 - Warning bpbrm (pid=24804) from client WRN - Exchange Validation for 'Microsoft Information Store:\NY120-DB1-PF\' failed.  

Please let me know what all could be the possible reasons for this.

Can we exclude this folder from exchange database  ??????



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Warning bpbrm (pid=24804) from client WRN - Exchange Validation for 'Microsoft Information Store:\NY120-DB1-PF\' failed.  Please refer to the backup and application event logs for more details.

definalty you would need to start from event viewer of exchage server...

it looks more like exchage issue than netbackup issue..

excluding is not a right option...

get your exchage admin and ask him to validate this information store..

and get the confirmation if he want this Microsoft Information Store:\NY120-DB1-PF\ backup or not..

if not, you can sepcifically select what are he want to backup and specivy then in Netbackup backup selection

are you using GRT?

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They dont want to backup this. Please let me know how can i exclude this.

No we are not using GRT.

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Only way That i prefer is..

get the Information stores info that they what to backup,and keep them in Netbackup policy backup selection.

like in backup selection

Microsoft Information Store:\123

Microsoft Information Store:\abc

the only challange that you have in this approach, every time  they add or remove the information store they should request you to update the backup selection.( though adding and removing does not happend regularly)

the reason why i prefer above method is

even if you try to specify Microsoft Information Store:\ in backup selection and try to exclude in Microsoft Information Store:\NY120-DB1-PF\ through excluced list..  snaphost will be created for entire Microsoft Information Store:\ and  through a error.

excluding specific one will not help.