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Exchange GRT backup to disk takes very long time to finish

Created: 08 Oct 2013 | 9 comments


Using BE2010 R3 SP2 to backup my Exchange server to SATA disks (GRT).

When the backup was set to tape it took about 6 hours to complete. Now it takes up to 20 hours to complete. Out of the 20 hours, 6-7 hours are just for updating the catalogs.

The job rates to tape was around 800 MB/min and job rate to disk is around 280 MB/min.

Does it really make sense that it takes so much time? Is it al because of the SATA disks or is there anything else I can do to improve the backup duration?


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How are those SATA disks connected? Locally or presented from a SAN/DAS for instance?

Have you tried to backup to local disk on the media server to check the backup speeds using that configuration?

Also make sure that any AV running on your media server isn't perhaps actively scanning the B2D folder. If so, put in an exclusion for it and try the backup again.


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The SATA disks are presented from a SAN.

AV is disabled during backup operation.

Didn't try backup to local disk, I don't have anought local storage space to do that...

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Just updated the Backup exec Media server and the Agent to SP3, after tech support suggested it might get things going but no change.

GRT backup to disk of the exchange still take around 17 hours.

Is it just a matter of slow SATA disk VS. tape, or there anything else I can do to quicken the jobs?

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Do you find any specific errors in event logs??

Have you tried Exchange Non-GRT Backup??

If you refer below articles, then it has to resolve with the latest release of BE.


Avkash K

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Hi Avkash,

Nothing special in the event log.

Didn't try Non-GRT backup.

I already read these articles, they were the reason I upgraded to SP3, as they suggested it should solve the problem but it didn't.

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See if deselecting the option "Allocate the maximum size for backup-to-disk files" from the B2D properties help or not.

Additionally, turn off disk write caching for the disks used by B2D.

Is the B2D disks heavily fragmented ?

If using a 32-bit media server, consider applying the registry setting 1 from -

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Hi VJware,

We don't use the "Allocate the maximum size for backup-to-disk files" option.

disk caching and fragmantation is not relevant in this case since this is a Netapp storage, Raid-6 with 22 HDD.

We use a 64-bit media server.

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What is the performance when copying data from the server where BE is installed to the SATA disks connected to the SAN?

Are the disks configured for RAID?

If so...

Hardware or software?

What RAID level?

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Hi Moe,

The disks are configured as hardware Raid-6.

I start to realize that the problem is most likely the slow disks.

If the backup to tape took around 6 hours at around 800MB/min it's just logical that the backup to disk will take double time at around 350MB/min...