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Exchange GRT backup fails with status 10 (allocation error) - FT transport

Created: 11 Sep 2012 | 3 comments
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Anyone experience this error allocation error(status 10) on SAN Client exchange GRT backup using the Appliance 5220 as the media server (transport type is FT).
I noticed that if I am using the Domain user account on Netbackup Client Service, I am getting the status 10 error, but if it is local system account it writes to the STU but it is not for GRT use.
Any possible solution on this?
Exchange GRT backup fails with status 10 (allocation error) - FT transport

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I would be surprised if you can do GRT backups using the Fibre Transport method to be honest (haven't see any docs about it though!)

GRT uses NFS to mount the information store and then back it up using GRT - NFS (network file system) as the name suggests is not a protocol that will run over fibre so I am guessing that GRT only works via the LAN.

Happy to be corrected if anyone knows better!

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Thanks Mark_Solutions for the reply, I have open a case for this issue and up to now no feedback from the case owner after sending a lot of logs, I'll update this once I receive something.

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Hi Mukamo.

I'm having the same problem. I actually confirmed this with Symantec last year some time before implementing this and it is supposed to work. GRT backup does not use NFS, the NFS service is only invoked during the restore operations when the backup image is mounted and exported to the client via NFS/NBFSD. The initial backup pass/data transfer happens as a normal backup would. GRT backup processing then happens after the backup image is secured by the media server as a "post-write" process. The problem we are having, is that SAN Client/FT backups require the netbackup services to run as local system, and GRT requires the services to run as a user with exchange permissions.

Please let me know if you case has been resolved yet, as I am still awaiting feedback from Symantec.