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Exchange GRT duplication jobs via using vault finished partially (database system error 220)

Created: 31 Aug 2012 • Updated: 31 Aug 2012 | 2 comments
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OS W2K8 SP 2

Gents, i have red loads of posts relatetd to that and almost all were suggesting that issue is resolved after applying EEB but they were all on NBU 7.0. 7.1..

am on  and still having this problem..

Vault job kicks in.. picks up the GRt image and start cataloguing the mailboxes.. once done it grants the diskpool resource and than this error message appears in the job logs..

Error bpduplicate (pid:14968) db_IMAGE() failed: database syystem error(220)

above error repeats few times and than job finished with status 1 and says following GRT images failed due to database system error...

and than in the end error messages logs

unable to read bpbrm/bpduplicate message, network read error (h_errno=10054) and than dedup stats and las message EXIING with status 23...

any ideas?

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The backup image you're duplicating, how old is it?

If it's recent, then it could be a new issue and you shall contact Netbackup support.

If it's a very old image (backup before you patched to 7.5), it may not be able to duplicate and you need to have a new backup to get its duplication going.

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@Watsons: Thanks...

well, its a regular image..  i have managed to duplicate it by disabling messag level cataloging option on the master.. which means that when it comes to restore from tht particular image that is no longer available on disk i wont be able to restore the individaul mailbox item from the GRT backup that was duplicated on to tape...

what i wonder if this is a known issue and whether there is any work around it?

Bugs comes in through open windows!