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Exchange GRT restore stuck on Staging and consumes a lot of memory

Created: 25 Dec 2013 • Updated: 26 Dec 2013 | 7 comments
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Please, I need a very quick response if you can:

I'm trying to restore a few email messages from an Exchange GRT backup on tape.

I manage to select the items I want to restore and there's enough space on the disk to stage the entire store.

At some point I see the bytes count stop and the job gets stuck on 'staging', and at the same time the beremote.exe process starts to consumes more and more memory. It's now already at 2.4GB and rising.

I can't even cancel the job, nothing happens...

I also tried to duplicate the backupset to disk. the duplication was successful but when I try to drill down the database in the restore selection list, it just hangs and again the beremote.exe memory starts to rise. Yesterday it got up to 15GB until I had to restart the service.

What can I do? I can't restart the service everytime because I have other jobs running at the same time.

How can I free the memory without restarting the service?

Thank you

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Jaydeep S's picture

This does look to be some sort of a memory leak. What is the version of Backup Exec. If this is BE 2010 make sure that you have upgraded to R3. Also, Is it fully patched. I would first recommend you to update all possible service packs and hotfixes and then try the restore again.

If the same behaviour is observed after a complete upgrade, then open a support ticket.

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This is BE 2010 R3 with SP3, on a windows 2008 64bit with 32GB of memory

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Have you upgraded the remote agent/agents on the exchange server/servers, post updating the Media server with the latest patches?

Additionally, I may like you to check the events in the Windows event viewer on the exchange server too.

Kind regards,


Vishal Shinde

Sr.Learning Consultant

Symantec Education Services

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Hi Sasha,

Yes, the agents on the Exchange server were also upgraded after updating the Media server.

I checked the event viewer on the Exchange server but didn't see anything special.

I think the restore gets stuck even before BE tries to connect to the Exchange server.

In both cases (restore from tape or disk) the staging phase is successful:

In the tape restore - it's staging everything to disk correctly and then get stuck when it needs to actualy access the staged database.

In the disk restore - the duplication from tape to disk is successful and it get stuck when trying to drill down to the Database to select the mailboxes.

Seems to me it gets stuck on the same place.

I already filed a case in Symantec, let's see what they can find out.

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What is the version and SP of the Exchange that you are backing up?

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After talking to Symantec support I did the following:

We focused on the backup set I already duplicated to the disk -

1. I opened the physical folder on the disk where the backup was in (in my case "i:\b2d test").

2. I cut out the files: Changer.cfg & Folder.cfg out of that folder and into the desktop.

3. I restarted the services on the Media server and the Remote Agent Service on the Exchange server.

4. The files were recreated automatically.

Now when I tried restore form the disk and browse the selection list it went smooth and didn't get stuck and didn't blow up the memory! yehhh :) The restore itself tool 50 seconds.

Thank you guys for your help anyway.

Hope this thread will help someone else.