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Exchange Provisioning Task

Created: 07 Mar 2013 • Updated: 22 Mar 2013 | 7 comments
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we have the exchange provisioning task that runs every night, if it finds a new mailbox that it needs to provision it send an email out to the user.

where can i find that task and edit what it does? there is nothing within the gui.


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The provisioning task is the VAC under the Enterprise Vault Server then Tasks.

You need to make sure that your provisioning group is set to automatically enable the mailboxes it finds for archiving, and then see page 57-58 of the Setting Up Exchange Server Archiving Guide where it talks about editing the 'welcome message for Exchange Server archiving'.

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what version of EV are you on?

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rob: thanks im headed in the right direction. so what exe or script runs to point to that .msg  file to send it out.

reason: we had an issue where the task ran on mailboxes that were already provisioned and it sent out the email, so where looking into what made it send the email out, wondering if it was a vb script, bat file or such, so we can take a look at it and mdify if necessary.

or is it just built into ev?


andrew: ev8

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which email is being sent?
There is the Enabled email (the welcome message) which gets sent out once when the users are enabled
but that shouldn't happen each time provisioning runs

Its when the Archive Task kicks in, and then automatically enables users.

What i suspect is happening is if you open the welcome message, you probably have someone specified in the To: line. it should be blank, otherwise what will happen is anytime someone is enabled, and that message is sent, it will send an email to anyone who is in the To line along with the user that has just been enabled

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As Andrew says it's sent out automatically.

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Well like i said, the way it works is as follows

1. The Provisioning Group
Each provisioning group has the option "Automatically Enable", so when provisioning runs, and it finds a user in the group that is a NEW mailbox, and not disabled, or enabled etc, it adds it to the ExchangeMailboxEntry table as a new mailbox

2. The Archiving Task
When the archiving task schedule kicks in, it looks at the ExchangeMailboxEntry table and looks at the new mailboxes, and then looks at the provisioning group that they are part of and see's whether its set to Automatically Enable, if it is, then the new user gets enabled, a new archive is created and assigned to that user.

3. The Welcome Message
EV then looks at the Provisioning Groups assigned welcome message, and finds it on disk, typically it will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\EnableMailboxMessage.msg ....

You can double click the message and it opens up in Outlook, you can then edit it to have information unique to your company such as links to FAQ's, help desk numbers, user guides etc.

When the Archive Task enables the mailbox, it finds that message, opens it, adds the user you've added to the TO: line, then connects to the EV System Mailbox for that exchange server the user belongs to, and sends the email.

IF there are already people in the TO: line, then they will also get that email
So if you have a Distribution List in to TO: line, those users belonging to that DL will receive the message each time a user is enabled.

There are also other messages too:

EnabledMailboxMessage - When the user is enabled
DisabledMailboxMessage - When the user is disabled
EnablePSTMigrationMessage - when the user is set up for PST Migrations
PSTMigratedMessage.msg - When a users PST has succesfully been migrated
ArchiveQuotaLimitReached - When the user has an EV quota and they need to delete items from EV
ApproachingArchiveQuotaLimit - When the user is nearing their EV Quota and need to take action

EnableMailboxMessage will only be sent when the mailbox is enabled, either through Automatic Enablement set through the provisioning task, when the archive task runs on its schedule OR through the Enable Mailbox Wizard in the VAC.

Once a user is enabled, it cannot be enabled again and again unless the user is disabled first

Users can only be disabled through the Vault Admin Console, and the user will receive the message if the DisableMailboxMessage.msg file exists in the Enterprise Vault directory

The PST Migration messages are sent out by the Migrator Server
The Quota Messages are sent out by the Storage service

The only way to stop the Enabled and Disabled messages being sent is to remove the MSG file from the EV Install directory

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thank you all!!

i have a better understanding now.