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Exchange Provisioning Task in Error Status

Created: 13 Oct 2012

I have an issue on a 9.0.4 server where the Provisioning Task is showing as an error status. This particular server was upgraded about 3 weeks ago and everything was working fine until yesterday when wanting to run the task manually, a error popped up saying something to the effect of insufficient permissions to run the task.

Nothing has changed in the environment and all permissions appear to be fine. THe services (and later the server itself) were restarted and this is when the status of the provisioning task then change to an error status.

The only thing I can find in the event logs is event id 41445 and the details state that the Provisioning task has not comleted a run.

I have done a search for any possible caus or resolution to this but have not been able to find anything relevant.

Any help would be appreciated.