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Exchange Single Mailbox restore / root folder issues

Created: 19 Jun 2012 • Updated: 19 Jun 2012 | 3 comments
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We have an issue with restoring a Mailbox which was accidently deleted with BE2010R3 SP2/Exchange 2010.

The Account/Mailbox was recreated and a redirected restore was performed. This restore completes sucessfully and you can also observer that the size of the Mailbox increased by the amount of data that was restored - however no elements are visible when connecting to the mailbox via OWA/Exchange.

We tracked this down to the name of the root folder of the Mailbox which is "Top of Information Store" if english clients are used. It is a german mailbox and Microsoft performed a change of this naming convention:

Old root folder name: "Höchste Hierarchiestufe des IS"
New root folder name: "Oberste Ebene des Informationsspeichers"

The mailbox which should be restored used the old root folder ("Höchste Hierarchiestufe des IS") which is also the folder where you can browse the mail elements in the restore view. The newly generated mailbox however uses "Oberste Ebene des Informationsspeichers".

This leads to the following Problem:

When the Elements are restored they are restored back to the "Höchste Hierarchiestufe des IS" root folder (where they were backed up) whereas the clients which access the mailbox display the structure under "Oberste Ebene des Informationsspeichers". So no elements are visible!

This is somehow similar to:

We obvisously cannot use the first solution explained as newly generated mailboxes will always end up with the new root folder name, so we'd have to use the second workaround: Move all Mailbox elements beneath the root folder with the new name convention.
This is were the actual problem occurs:
The article recommends MFCMAPI and EWSEditor to perform these changes however:
  • MFCMAPI does not show the two root folders, only "IPM_SUBTREE"
  • EWSEDITOR seems to be unable to move whole folders/subfolders
Any advice on this?

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Did you open the mailbox in Outlook before you restored ?

If not, can you create a new account, open it in Outlook and restore again.

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Yes we've also tried this but this won't help as this will define the mailbox language to german, but to the new german notation: "Oberste Ebene des Informationsspeichers" whereas the restore takes place to the root folder having the old name: "Höchste Hierarchiestufe des IS"

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