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Exchange - Unable to Restore Attachment Data

Created: 02 Apr 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments

When trying to restore multiple e-mails with attachments over 100kb in size, I receive the following error:

 V-79-57344-65275 - Error: Unable to restore the attachment data associated with one or more messages. Some message attachments may not be accessible.

Which points me to the following page:

Unfortunately, the versions referred to in this document do not apply to me. My exchange server is running Windows Server 2003 R2 SE SP1. My Exchange version is 6.5.7638.1 (2003). The version of my bedsmbox.dll file is 10.1.5629.0 and is the same on the backup server.

The page above states "The attachment data is actually contained as part of the backup set  but can not be restored with this particular version of Backup Exec." Is there a version of Backup Exec that can restore these attachments that I could upgrade to? Thank you in advance.

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Can you give us a little bit more details:
1. Have you upgraded from an older version of BE to 10x?
2. All the backups you have are from the same server?
3. You are running backup to tape or to disk?

I am not sure for 10x but in 12.5 you have the Granular recovery option of the exchange were you have the ability to restore individual attachements.
You can find the administrator guide for the 12.5 to see the new features that might be interesting. I am posting you only the features regarding the exchange backup:

"Provides backups for your Exchange Server data. You can restore
individual mailboxes, mail messages, and public folders from the
Information Store backups that have Backup Exec’s Granular
Recovery Technology (GRT) option enabled. Use Backup Exec
Continuous Protection Server (CPS) to provide complete recovery
to any point in time of the Information Store, including the latest
complete transaction log."

Nikos Apostolou Systems Engineer

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1. I believe we started on a 10.1. There may have been patches put in, but backups and restores have only recently become one of my responsibilities. Another system administrator has handled this for a few years and I am not entirely sure if it was ever working properly.

2. Yes, this occurs regardless of the backup set, but we only have one Exchange server.

3. We are running the backup to disk. We have an NAS device.

The page above seems to indicate that it is a problem with saving attachments as a single instance and that this is just a bug which they had hoped to fix. From what i can see from reading, they fixed the bug in 9.1, it resurfaced in 10, they said they'd have a fix for it, and I can't find any information after that.

The page seems to imply that the information was backed up correctly, and that the bug is in the restoration process. Supposedly once the patch was applied (in 9.1) the restores would work. This is important to me because we had a fairly large disaster this week and these are the only good backups I have of our mailboxes.

Unfortunately, I can upgrade to v12 but I don't have any guarantee this will fix it. Outside of this bug, upgrading from version 10 to 12, could I assume that my v10 backups would still be accessible / restorable?

Is it likely that I could install version 12 of the management software and it would still communicate with a v10.1 Exchange agent, or am I always forced to upgrade every agent in my organization at once? I am fairly sure that I'll need to upgrade the Exchange Agent to fix this bug, but a sales rep suggested I install the trial of the version 12 Management Software and see if that would fix the problem Unfortunately there is no trial of the Exchange Agent.

Thank you for the response.

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Well, many questions...Let's start from the bottom:

a) I think you can download a trial of the BE 12.5 and this includes license for the exchange. You can ask your local reseller/distributor.
b) BE 12.5 can communicate with your old agent, but without the new features. You should upgrade the agent to the new version. You should always upgrade your agents, no matter what version you have, if you install a new patch/hotfix to the media server
c) I can not guarantee you that the restore will work since this could be an issue from the backup process. If, I do not know, the 10x does not support individual attachment restore, neither the 12.5 will.

In the worst case, you can restore the whole mailbox using redirection, and give permissions to this mailbox to the user. You can, for example restore the mailbox of the X user to an X_old and give permissions to be openned by the X user. In this way, user should keep all the e-mails/attachments and then you can remove the rest of the mailbox.

My opinion is to talk with your local Symantec Partner, providing all the available information in order to give you the right offer.

I hope that my answer was helpful...


Nikos Apostolou Systems Engineer