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Exclude list too big?

Created: 24 Jan 2013 | 4 comments

I was entering Global Exclusions - we lost our BE2010 srv to hdw failure and I had to install BE2012 so have to recreate EVERYTHING from scratch and learn an enitrly new program, which I hate BTW - and I can no longer get to the "Insert" button to continue adding more. I see no way to exclude certain files from the 7 servers I need to backup as a group. I used ot be ableo to simply pick and choose or exluce from each server individually....evidently no more. Posting here as "support" is the worst I deal with out of all my vendors and y'all usually know the answers...thanks!

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To exclude files from individual servers, you need to edit each of the jobs after they are created as a group.  Click on the Edit button on the left-hand pane and then right-click on the server in the selection list, you would be able to see the exclude/include for that job.

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But will it hit a limit like the Global Exlude List did and not allow me to access the "Insert" button? That is my issue....not HOW to do this, but how to FINISH the task as BE2012 will not shrink the list and allow button access nor expand so the list goes beyond margins but the button is clickable.

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If you have a lot of excludes/includes for 1 server, then you should re-examine your backup selection.  Normally, to backup a server, one would include everything and exclude a few things.  I can't think more than about 5 things that you would want to exclude from your backup.

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As I always tell epople who answer like that....I didn't ask anyone's opinions on my selections, you aren't in my environment; I asked about a function of the software. Please keep your opinions on how we run our company to yourself unless asked.