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Excluding Multiple RDMs?

Created: 22 Jul 2011 | 2 comments


Our Vmware virtual file server contains several RDM disks which cant be directly backed up by the VMware agent and throws an error which is normal because its not possible.  However Symantec say to exclude the disks from the backup using the include\exclude option, but it only allows you to add 1 RDM? if you add another it overwrites the exclusion in the list?

Is there anyway round this? or am i doing something wrong.  Surly you can exlude multiple files from a single server?

Thanks for the help.

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if you are intending to use GRT fuinctionality then the presence of an RDM disk (with or without an Exclude ) will mean that GRT does not work for the data on the other disks (particularly application GRT data)

This is just one of the reaons why if Physical RDM or Indepenendent disks are present on VMs we recommend you do remote agent backups instead of AVVI  ones.

There are other reaons (i.e. I think we have had it reported that an Exclude can add complications to the complete VM restore process as well.)

Obviously this does not answer your actual question - just pointing out what you should consider using a different backup startegy

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The backup seems to be OK GRT still appears to work on the virual system disk, and it has no other GRT enabled apps.  I have another backup backing up the RDMs i just want to stop the errors showing that the backup has failed.